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We are looking for sunshine, a cheerful, optimistic view of life. Because the glass will always be half empty and not half full if you don’t look at it with the right lens.




1,500 – 2,500 EUR/month

Seniority level:


Language skill:

English language B2

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Practice makes perfect

• Recruit salespeople, accountants, PPC specialists, SEO specialists, marketers, soccer players and talented “Hard Work Loving and Get Things Done” people.
• Onboarding and guiding new people during their first days at Dex
• Introduction to our Google Apps of technologies and communication systems ala Mattermost / Basecamp… (if you don’t know, you will learn, because we are a “Technology Driven” company)
• Native Employer Branding = with love, creatively, always and everywhere.
• Bringing new innovative ideas and proposals to improve company culture, communication, premises, simply all LIFE IN THE COMPANY = this cannot be done if you are not in the office and among people (just sayin…)
• Organization/Participation/Scouting of the best events for our Dextastic people. So much so that they will tell their grandchildren (at least about some parts 🙂 #Because PEOPLE are HUNT so that you are among them!
• Processing and taking care of contractual documentation of employees and contractors. You don’t have to like it, but the “papers” must be in order. Even when they are online.

Are you interested?

Are you passionate about marketing and want to push not only yourself, but also our partners’ projects beyond any boundaries? Join our international team. Fill out the short form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Candidate requirements

A person in this position should aspire to be the soul of the company. To live with the company, to live with the team, to be part of it. We need to be aired out. Nip any doubts in the bud and then jump straight into Dexfinity. Yes, we want a lot. But if you are not convinced of the Dex vision, how are you going to convince people from outside?
“Fake it till you make it if you must”


  • At Dexfinity we offer you freedom, but we demand responsibility and a conscientious approach
  • Be a team player. That’s the only way you’ll reach the top of your goals
  • You should have your own time management in the palm of your hand
  • The ability to learn new things relatively quickly, to have quick and practical judgment

There is no filter or shortcuts

• In your cover/cover letter, try to SELL us Dexfinity as such.
You can find our vision, values, people, and Instagram at
• DON’T BLAME US if we don’t contact you without this attachment.
• We are looking for people with a motor. Come fired up.

Dextastic people

It’s not just about the work, it’s about a strong team of people who enjoy spending time together. That’s what life is like at Dexfinity.

Benefits and Perks

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