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Do you belong to the top 1% of ecommerce business developers/salespeople in the country?


When working with us, a New Business Consultant has access to a very comprehensive range of products to offer the client. Based on his/her own analysis, he/she decides what is best for the client to start with, what will bring the client the most value and how to combine the services most effectively.Location




2000 – 4000 €


Language requirementsenglish
level C1

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With us you will have the opportunity to sell partnerships which rank among the top in the industry!

The role of a New Business Consultant at Dexfinity:

  • You authenticate the potential of clients who come to us on the basis of a referral or enquiry for collaboration.
  • You also actively seek out awesome new projects.
  • You communicate with the client and ascertain what marketing activities they have already done, what the results were, what worked well and what their future goals and expectations are.
  • You evaluate the Lead and decide whether we want to work with the client.
  • You present the first “opener” on what and how we can do for the client and what results they can expect.
  • You analyse specific client data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Merchant Centre or Google Search Console.
  • You create the plan and skeleton for a comprehensive marketing and business strategy, thinking beyond a combination of PPC, social media and SEO. 
    • You collaborate with centre managers, who will supplement the quote with their respective channels and service offerings.
    • You refine the strategy and goals we want to achieve with the client.
  • You present the proposal for collaboration and the suggested strategy to the client; you enter into an agreement where you define the final goals, the method and the start of the engagement.
    • You introduce the client to a team of project managers and a dedicated account manager (you can retain some clients as the account manager, should you wish to do so).
  • Based on internal guidelines and best practices, you coordinate the development of analyses and co-create a selection of reports
    • You are responsible for the quality of the output in terms of both technical and visual aspects.
    • You coordinate and monitor the time required for delivery.
  • For the first few months after the start of the collaboration, you continue to monitor the client’s journey at Dexfinity.
    • You check how the client is doing, what they are struggling with, how satisfied they are with the collaboration.
    • You communicate with the internal team to assess how they are getting on with the client and where they need help.
  • You watch as the client grows and reaches additional milestones beyond their initial expectations. #GoBeyond


Additional responsibilities

  •       Maintaining a comprehensive sales database.
  •       Optimisation and innovation of existing processes.
  •       Reporting results to company management.


Personal qualities and skills


  •       At Dexfinity, we provide you with amazing freedom, but we require responsibility and a conscientious attitude in return.
  •       Be a team player and remember that the best way to achieve your goals is to work well with others.
  •       You should have your own time management in the palm of your hand.
  •       One of the keys to success at Dexfinity is the ability to learn new things quickly and to have fast and sound judgment.

Soft skills

  •       Empathy is the key to understanding the client’s needs and the team’s processes.
  •       Communication skills and a flair for client-specific communication are important – you should be able to speak the “language of the client’s tribe”.
  •       Being results-oriented is paramount – “Always be closing”.
  •       Being capable of motivating and organizing the internal team and communicating your vision for the project.


Hard skills

  •       Knowing your way around the principles of marketing and marketing strategies: “How would I do it if it was my online store or other business?”.
  •       Basic knowledge of the Google Analytics environment and creation of marketing analytics.
  •       Basic experience in creating online marketing campaigns in the Google Ads environment.
  •       Basic understanding of SEO and link building principles.
  •       Basic level of knowledge of Social Media Marketing.
  •       Knowing your way around the principles of price comparison engines (Heureka, Pricemania).
  •       Experience in general management of an online store is a strong advantage.

Due to international expansion, in addition to native Slovak or Czech, a strong command of English is an advantage, ideally in a combination with another global language (such as German or French).

Advantages and benefits

  •       You will gain access to top online marketing tools such as Magic Script, ROI Hunter, PPC Bee, Mergado, Roivenue and Collabim.
  •       You may get the opportunity to become a partner within the company in the future.
  •       You will be remunerated according to a transparent and clear remuneration model, where the remuneration ceiling is determined only by your abilities and performance results.
  •       You will be involved in the development of your own business plan, which will serve as the compass for your career growth within the organisation.
  •       Our top specialists will share their years of accumulated know-how with you on a daily basis.
  •       You will receive the hardware and software you want and need (laptop, phone, etc.) because alone you know what works best for you.
  •       You will be offered tickets to top marketing events in the industry (and the opportunity to present there) because your development is important to us.
  •       You will work flexible hours. It doesn’t matter to us when or where you do it, but the result has to be of high quality.
  •       You will attend unforgettable company events and weekends away, because we know that team-building and good morale is important to you.
  •       You will have the opportunity to participate in internal training sessions to develop your management and leadership skills.
  •       You can join our B2 or C1 group English courses.
  •       You will get discounts of up to 50% in many of our clients’ online stores.
  •       If we are successful in recruiting a new team member based on your referral, you will receive a generous reward – currently up to €1,000.
  •       You will be able to participate in various projects and initiatives across the company.
  •       We’ll contribute up to 30% of the cost of setting up your home office.
  •       You’ll be covered for 7 days of self-certification without the need for a doctor’s certificate.
  •       A medium-sized, strong and dedicated team you can rely on – that’s Dexfinity.

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