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The PPC specialist at Dexfinity is responsible not only for the strategy and results of Google Ads campaigns, but also for the contribution of new innovations. Do you dare?

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Learn from the best

In addition to our professionals in the field, you can also learn from specialists in the field using the courses that we will be happy to provide.

Find out where your campaign has potential and how to make the most of it. And above all, how to evaluate the campaign and defend the budget allocation.

Everything you need to know about digital marketing for e-shops, in one place. Structured. Clearly.

Frequently asked questions about the PPC specialist

We have answered the most common questions that have arisen about the position of PPC specialist. We believe that you will find the answer to yours here as well.

The PPC specialist at Dexfinity designs complex PPC campaign strategies – you set the goals and sequence of individual activities.
You bring new ways to optimize and make work on the project more efficient.

You prepare and redistribute budgets for the work of PPC specialists so that the allocation of hours is adequate to the desired goal.
You monitor the effectiveness of the work of PPC specialists and whether the activities carried out bring the desired results.

  • Expert knowledge of the environment and logic of Google Ads and several associated tools.
  • Very good knowledge and orientation in Google Analytics.
  • It is necessary to work with Google Sheets at an advanced level (contingent tables, advanced functions, creating forecasts).
  • Excellent analytical thinking, ability to draw correct conclusions from data and subsequent action steps.

The basis is empathy, thanks to which you understand the client’s needs and the processes in the team. Communication skills and a feeling for specific communication with the client are important – you should be able to speak “the language of his tribe”.

Orientation to results is paramount – “Always be closing”.

You are able to motivate and organize the internal team and provide them with your vision of the project.

Benefits and Perks

Dextastic people

It’s not just about work, it’s about a strong team of people who enjoy spending time together. This is how life is lived in Dexfinity.


What you can expect from us

For us, values are not just words, but the essence of how we function. Principles that guide us in finding new colleagues and meeting the ambitious goals of our partners.


Key Characteristics of Each Dexfinity Person

Because of the way we manage and reassign projects at Dexfinity, it often happens that you work with different people on different projects and are therefore part of different teams. People are diverse. That is why you need to know how to find your way to them and learn how to work with them.

On projects we sometimes have up to a three-level vertical structure (Account Manager, Project Manager, Specialists). This structure emphasises cooperation and effective communication.

Performance marketing at Dexfinity is data-driven and doesn’t play games. All results are backed by analysis and every strategic move on a project is also data-driven.

Whichever department you work in, you’re bound to come across extensive spreadsheets/tables that include advanced features. You will have to draw the right conclusions from the available data.

In the same way that we work on projects, our internal structures also work – whether it’s internal marketing, HR or finance.

We owe much of the market position we have today to our “can-do” approach. We are always looking for new ways to develop our clients and our company as a whole.

If we hadn’t tried unconventional routes in the past, where others might have said it couldn’t be done, we wouldn’t have well-functioning commission collaborations, an international team, proprietary tools and metrics today.

So it’s crucial that every member of our team sees obstacles as challenges and transforms the feeling that something can’t be done into a new opportunity.

Not found here?

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