Ján Aštary

Jan Astary

CEO, Financial Advisor

Languages: Slovak, English

Contributed also to the following projects: Cyklodresy, IBO, Inlea, ECOprodukt, MyHome

Jan will advise how the e-shop should bring not only the number of orders, but especially profit. Finances under control and well-tuned processes within an e-commerce project are his most important subjects in Dexfinity. He can combine a unique perspective from finance, through marketing, to the philosophical functioning of business.

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Clients from various fields cooperate with Jan and his analytical team. From sports equipment to eco products to hobby and art supplies. It helps e-shops to have a good understanding of finances, processes, margins and profitability. Simply to areas that usually do not have much time left with the rapid growth of the e-shop.

What is Jan’s biggest challenge?

It is always a big challenge to explain to the client that it is the right time to talk about your business from a different angle. And to show him that in finance things are not always as they seem at first glance.

What does Jan enjoy most about his job?

As a true mathematician, he mainly enjoys numbers and diagrams.