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    821 03 Bratislava
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    Connect with the Visionaries Behind the Iconic Online Stores

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Jan Astary

    Financial Advisor

    The mastermind behind the finances of not only our company. His credo is monetary processes under control and fine-tuned processes within the e-commerce projects of our partners.
    +421 907 701 233

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Vladimir Nociar

    Deputy CEO for Operations & Quality

    Strategist and mentor in one person. He brings progress to online business through the growth of people and the process of substitutability.
    +421 903 568 464

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Samuel Ondrisak

    Master of Client Development

    The intersection of the technological world of PPC advertising, business analytics and "peasant" common sense. Sam's exceptional track record on projects underlines his skills.
    +421 905 936 764

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Michal Lichner

    Head of Sales & Global Business Dev.

    What you can measure, you can improve. Michal "travelled" the world at the head of Innovatrix, Anasoft and Deloitte. Now he is building our vision of international business growth.
    +421 911 585 689

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Pavol Adamcak

    Chief of Inspiration & Head of Marketing

    The role of the director is to see around the corner. To go into uncharted waters. To be the bearer of values and the creator of the company's vision.
    +421 918 435 105

    Samo Ondrišák foto

    Petra Hanuskova

    Head of HR

    A human resources innovator with a vision of the HR team as the "driving engine" for your growth. You need to know your superpowers and how to use them correctly.
    +421 949 786 386

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