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What to Expect at Dexfinity



We are not afraid to stand up for what we believe is right. We are not afraid to turn the other cheek.



There is a solution to every issue. Words like “impossible, can’t” or “give up” do not belong to our vocabulary.



We tell the truth. We speak our mind openly and frankly. We are not afraid to name a problem as soon as it appears even if it’s uncomfortable.



We do what we love. Truly great things happen when they are fuelled by passion. There is no growth or persistence without passion.



The road to real success is never straightforward or short. That’s why we don’t look for shortcuts and do things as they should be done – the right way. The long-term rewards are worth the time.



We learn throughout our lives and from everyone around us. That is why we respect everyone we meet and approach new challenges with courage and humility.



We believe in ourselves and we believe in the projects we work on. When we take on big challenges, we are not afraid to make our reward contingent on a success fee. Count on us to deliver what we promise.


Key Characteristics of Each Dexfinity Person

We work together. The way we manage and reassign projects at Dexfinity creates opportunities to work with different people on different projects, and therefore to be part of different teams. People are diverse, you need to know your way around them and learn how to work with them.

Some projects have up to a three-level vertical structure (account manager, project manager, specialist). It puts a lot of emphasis on collaboration and effective communication.

Performance marketing at Dexfinity is data-driven and it doesn’t put up a front. All results are backed up by analysis and every strategic step on a project is based on real data.

Any department you work in, you are bound to come across extensive spreadsheets/tables with advanced features. You’ll need to draw the right conclusions from the available data.

In the same way that we work on projects, our internal structures work as well – whether it’s internal marketing, HR or finance.

Our position in the market today is largely due to the “can-do” approach. We are always looking for new ways to develop our clients and our company.

The key characteristic of every member of our Dexfinity team is to see obstacles as challenges and to transform the “impossible” feeling into a “can-do” new opportunity.


We Are Growing & Looking for New Talent

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