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We are an international team of 63+ online marketing geeks and ecommerce specialists. We grow only if your business grows. That’s why we get paid according to delivered results.


A Comprehensive View on Business

We are a marketing partner who shares responsibility for client’s results.

We build our business on hard data and long-term planning. The best results are achieved only through the synergy of business strategy and marketing innovation.

We evaluate the overall impact of each service. When the business grows and succeeds, we continue with our services and add new ones.

Successful Projects
Team Members

Reach millions of new potential customers efficiently. With PPC advertising, we select people who are genuinely interested in your product. We also uniquely tailor the ads displayed to everyone according to their preferences.

Forget the pesky restrictions of the domestic market. Together, we will take your business to the world. We have gained exclusive access to Google Exporting Tools. Thanks to this, we solve expansion abroad based on real data.

Turn your website into a place that is a magnet for customers. With SEO, you will appear on the top of organic search and attract more customers.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok? We will transform your social media into a unique and results-driven marketing tool.

We will help you build a strong and authentic brand that will shine at home and abroad. In addition to a valuable competitive advantage, you will boost your sales, increase turnover, or even become a leader in your industry.

Would you like your website to convert visitors into customers like water into wine? At Dexfinity we optimise its speed, design and UX. We improve the customer experience, pushing the boundaries of sales.


Do You Have an Interesting Ecommerce Project?

We help ambitious ecommerce projects to push the boundaries and fulfill their potential.

Facebook Ads Effectiveness on the Heights

“We operate in a segment where our competitors are companies with revenues of hundreds of millions of euros. However, we have managed to get the efficiency of Facebook Ads well above the industry average.”


Dalibor Cicman
CEO, GymBeam


Beyond Marketing

“The best marketing company on the Slovak and Czech market. Their know-how is truly unique. They are the ones who helped us take eyerim marketing to the heights. They are genuine geeks.”

Martin Zahuranec
CEO, eyerim


Influx of New Customers

“I would not hesitate to recommend the Dexfinity team for any ecommerce project that aims to streamline performance marketing and acquire new customers.”

Drew Laidlaw Hoare
Marketing Director, The Rake


Better than the Others

“Dexfinity took over the work and setup from another good PPC company, while significantly improving ROAS in SK, RO and HU with the same constraints.”


Lukáš Melichar
Senior Marketing Specialist, Cord Blood Center


Excellent Results

“From Slovakia to nine European countries in eight years. And we’re not stopping. We owe our expansions largely to the Dexfinity specialists. Only thanks to them have we been able to capture all the marketing trends and deploy them to deliver excellent results.”

Juraj Bednár


Know-How Confirmed by the Best

As the only marketing company in Slovakia, we became a Google Export Partner and gained exclusive access to Google Exporting Tools. We can help you select the appropriate market for your eshop based on real data.


What To Expect At Dexfinity

Values are not just words for us, but the essence of our existence. They are the principles based on which we seek new colleagues and meet the ambitious goals of our partners.


Who Is Behind Dexfinity?


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