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IT & Web

Do you need to present a product, automate your processes or implement an online store? Our IT specialists will turn your vision into reality.

Tailored applications and web services

Our analysts and programmers will advise you on how to solve any problem or requirement. We implement websites within a variety of frameworks and CMS systems.

We also tailor websites to custom requirements.

Our portfolio contains desktop applications and web services. Whether you need to build an information system or speed up you website, we will be happy to help.


Our portfolio of websites includes projects in CMS systems such as WordPress and PrestaShop. We've also implemented customised websites directly in PHP and .NET. We also have experience with single-page applications in Angular.

Desktop applications

We have developed numerous desktop applications, including graphics editors, applications that work alongside external devices connected to the computer and internal systems where extreme speed is required.

Extensive programming

We have experience with all commonly used programming languages (PHP, Java, .NET, Angular 2, C++ and others), databases (MySQL, Oracle, Firebird and others), CMS systems such as WordPress and PrestaShop and other types of technology.

We design new websites and make changes to existing sites. We also carry out smaller projects (for example the implementation of plugins into various frameworks and browsers).


The most complex project we completed was carried out in Java. It involved the implementation of a development environment for the creation of information systems, which we called ADE (Advanced Development Environment).


We implemented several web projects for insurance companies Kooperatíva and Komunálna poist'ovňa in .NET, as well as several small desktop applications.


Nowadays, the C++ language is on the decline. However, in the past we used it to complete several projects (such as a graphics editor and a generic client server application).


We used PHP to develop a custom website for a travel agency and a few smaller projects.

Online store consultation

Ready to program the project yourself, but unsure which technology is most suitable for you? 

We follow the latest trends and apply them in our IT solutions. We are happy to share this valuable know-how with you.

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Know-how validated by the best

We are the only marketing company in Slovakia to become a Google export partner. This gives us exclusive access to Google’s export tools. We select the right market for your online store based on real data.

A certified partnership with Mergado saves a significant amount of money. We can modify the XML feed without programmer intervention. Our partner MagicScript enables automated bidding of products in PPC Google advertising according to the cost-to-turnover ratio/ROAS strategy of the online store in order to achieve the highest possible turnover or gross margin. Thanks to this, we can get the most out of your budget.


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