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Reach millions of new customers with an effective PPC campaign. Harness the power of search, Google Shopping and YouTube advertising.

We employ the , with which we can help you optimise your PPC advertising to generate a profit or maximise sales and guarantee ROAS (ROI).

How to succeed with PPC advertising in Google search


Analysis of your Adwords account

We will audit your PPC campaigns and find out where your biggest gaps in PPC advertising performance are. Your long-term growth and profit are our objectives. We look at your profitability holistically. We take into account not just media costs, but we also consider the overall cost of the work. Benefit from the synergy of knowledge of the largest PPC team in the CZ/SK region.


Optimalisation of your PPC ad

We will ensure that your Google ad (on YouTube, Display Network, or in the Maps app) is shown to your customer at the right time and with a relevant message.

Google PPC advertising can burn though limitless amounts of money. We will ensure that you invest in PPC campaigns in a targeted and effective way.


Exportujte s Google reklamou


Google Shopping is the most effective PPC advertising method across Central and Western Europe.

The combination of tried-and-tested practices of PPC specialists, the experience of our Google trainers and the highest possible level of Google support will enable your business to reach new horizons.

Pay-per-click advertising

What is PPC advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a model of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays for each click of their ad. In effect, it is a way of buying traffic to your website.

Google advertising (formerly known as Google Adwords) is one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising.

The key advantage of pay-per-click advertising is the fact that you only pay if a person clicks on the ad. A click on the ad equates to a visit to your website. You do not pay per ad impression, that is, if someone ‘only’ saw the ad.

The opposite of PPC is the CPM (cost-per-mile) model. This entails charging for every thousand ad impressions.

A PPC ad is displayed above organic search results. Google allows you to place your ad in their search engine in the exact location where your prospective customer is looking for an answer to their query.

With Google Ads, you can place your ad link so aptly and ‘naturally’ in front of the customer that most of the population doesn’t even realise they are clicking on a sponsored link to your website or online store.

An example of a PPC ad in the Seznam.cz search engine
An example of a PPC ad in the most popular search engine, Google


How to kick-start sales with a PPC ad

When starting up your online shop, getting your first customers is crucial. The advantage of advertising in search engines (such as Google and Bing) is that in these locations people are actively looking for a solution to their problem or need (the answer to a question).

If you offer a product or service that genuinely solves people’s needs, all you need to do is ‘simply’ display your ad at the right time, exactly where and when they are ‘desperately’ trying to find it.

A well-configured Google Ads ad will only show your ad to people whose searches indicate that they are actually looking for the product (service) you offer.

If you’re not careful about the setup, your ad may be displayed prominently, bringing lots of people to the site, but it will result in a low return on investment (ROI).

PPC advertising on Google can swallow up endless amounts of money. Click rates can be literally astronomical. For the most competitive words, they can be as high as several euros. Trying to scrimp on a solid Google Ads account setup won’t pay off.

Money saved on specialists and their work will be hard to recoup if you end up with expensive clicks, directing people who will never be your customers to pages that won’t lead them to complete a purchase.


PPC advertising and costs

The price of PPC advertising (pay-per-click) depends primarily on the price per click. But, as the business owner, you are interested in the total cost of the work and the amount of credit (Google invoice). Do not compare PPC ad price lists. Instead, ask what the return on investment (ROI) or cost to sales generated (CTR) ratio might be for your business. 

Again, the more competitors advertise, the more you need to invest in it (both in terms of the work of skilled specialists, as well as the price per click offered).

Google advertising works like an online auction. Whoever bids more per click is the highest bidder. The advertising link in the first position gets the most clicks and is also likely to get the most customers.

Is it just about price? No. Without a top-notch ad setup, the system will penalise you. Google can’t afford to show ‘low quality advertising’.

Poorly crafted ads either won’t even show up on Google, or they’ll be so expensive and ineffective, that you’ll turn them off yourself.

How does a Google Ads auction work?


How does a Google Ads campaign work?

Become a hero of the digital age and delve into the secrets of Google advertising.

With a better understanding of ‘PPC marketing’, you’ll be more equipped to make strategic decisions and creatively take advantage of all the opportunities the world of search engine advertising has to offer. Discover the secrets of PPC advertising..

Internet PPC advertising is not just Google search engine. Nowadays, PPC campaigns under the Google Ads name display contextual advertising across the wide Google AdSense network, including on Google maps, YouTube and in your Gmail inbox. For e-retailers, Google Shopping (G Shopping) remains the most effective type of PPC campaigns.

The vast majority of people come to your website from their mobile devices. As such, mobile phones are playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce sales processes. Why is mobile advertising useful for your online store? What to look out for?

We will give you an insight into what we think are the biggest benefits of pay-per-click advertising on mobiles.


MagicScript to maximise profit

The MagicScript Algorithm allows us to bid on PPC advertising in an automated and efficient way in accordance with the PNO/ROAS goals of the online store. With ‘Magic’, we can guarantee to maximise gross margin turnover at a specified percentage of effectiveness.

We tailor the bidding strategy and algorithm to your business. By automating human work with the help of algorithms, we increase the overall added value.

The guarantee of efficiency and no overspending of credit is a key advantage for international online retailers with large budgets. Our algorithms never sleep, they never call in sick, they have no weekends or holidays. Can you say that about your PPC specialist?

Find out more about the bidding algorithm by visiting the MagicScript website.


Automating PPC with Artificial Intelligence

Even with a slightly larger online store, you’re faced with a huge amount of setup during the creation of PPC campaigns. Doing it manually would be too expensive. That’s why we use a wide range of tools to ensure that advertising is relevant, useful to people and effective for business.

Our PPC specialists are not just ‘clickers’. They are technicians and experts who wrestle with the world of technology every day to help your online business grow.

Today, tools like PPC Bee, MagicScript and Google Ads need technicians to ‘feed’ the systems and algorithms with the right data. The future lies in real-time PPC advertising driven by the margin generated. And, secondly, by the cost of acquiring a new customer. 

Thanks to the MagicScript algorithm, we can strip the turnover and margin of cancellations, returns, transport costs and credit and labour. This gives us information about gross profit in real time.

Have you ever experienced PPC campaigns generating high turnover and yet you still ended up in the red? With ‘Magic’, the efficiency info (cost per customer acquisition or order) is reflected in real time in the PPC bidding. The daily budget goes up automatically, you don’t need debates and reports to do this. This way, you won’t miss any sales opportunities.

Conversely, losses on PPC advertising are automatically minimised. If ‘people get scared’ and click without buying, the algorithm mutes the ad to an effective minimum.


Google Shopping Ads for increased sales

Shopping ads now account for up to 70% of e-commerce profits. They are displayed based on keywords or search queries. Google creates them by itself based on product names and descriptions.

Shopping campaigns work across different segments and outperform all others. Google actively helps them do this because they appear first in the space right next to text ads.


Advantages of PPC ads

Expertly set up PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns precisely target the desired audience. Thanks to them, the conversion rate is high and the website receives quality customers.

Campaigns need time to get enough data from remarketing and conversion codes. If you are getting three orders a day, it can take weeks. With hundreds of orders, it only takes a couple of days.

Currently, 86% of spend credit comes from fully automated Google and MagicScript campaigns. We optimise the creation of hundreds (or thousands) of campaigns using the PPC Bee tool.

Quantity does not equal quality. This is also true for advertising campaigns. Increasingly, we are being approached by e-commerce retailers who manage a huge number of PPC campaigns. We deal with them according to two simple rules:

  • If there are more than 10 campaigns in the account, we determine whether they are effective.
  • If there are more than 100 campaigns in the account, we will completely overhaul them.


PPC ads vs. strategic SEO​

Both SEO and PPC are tools used to generate more traffic to a website and attract new customers.

While PPC campaigns will increase relevant traffic to a site almost instantly, with SEO you have to be more patient. This is a long-term activity that will often yield results only after a few months.

Many businesses enjoy the convenience of SEO, where you only pay for results achieved.


Remarketing as an advantage of PPC advertising

Imagine being able to reach a specific group of people with your advertising. And, for this group, the content of a PPC ad on Google would be uniquely tailored – tailored to each individual’s preferences. Remarketing in Google Ads can create such groups based on several criteria.

Which parts of your site were visited

What they didn't buy despite their interest

What product they ultimately bought

What they were interested in from your offer


How does remarketing work?

We first tag visitors to your site using codes embedded on the site (a unique code for each sub-page). From this, we identify users that we can reach with thematically targeted PPC advertising across the Google network.

You’ll be able to alert customers who have visited your site in the last month but haven’t made a purchase – for example, by offering a free gift with their purchase. You can tell people interested in a product from a particular category about a special offer that relates directly to that product.

What will remarketing deliver?

You’ll persuade undecided customers to buy. If they have already made a purchase, you can offer them a related product, a discount or a gift. It’s one of the most effective ways to sell a service or product.

Your website is visited by a lot of people who don’t find what they were looking for and may not come back to you. Remarketing can bring them straight to the site with the product they want by using a relevant PPC ad on Google.

You’ll strengthen your relationship with your customers by keeping them informed about current promotions or discounts. When you launch a new product, reach out to everyone who visited your website in the first phase. Later on, you can accompany this with a sales offer with an exclusive gift.

Successful Projects
Team Members


Know-how validated by the best

We are the only marketing company in Slovakia to become a Google export partner. As a result, we have exclusive access to Google’s export tools. We will select the right market for your online store based on real data.

Our certified partnership with Mergado saves a significant amount of money. We can modify the XML feed without the intervention of a programmer. Our partner MagicScript enables automated bidding of products in PPC Google advertising according to the PNO/ROAS strategy of the online store in order to achieve the highest possible sales or gross margin. This allows us to get the most out of your budget.


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