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We use MagicScript algorithm with which we can optimize PPC advertising for profit, maximize sales and guarantee ROAS.

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Pay-per-click advertising

What is PPC advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a model of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays for each click on the ad. This is a way of buying traffic for your website.

Google advertising (formerly known as Google Adwords) is one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising.

The key advantage of pay-per-click advertising is the fact that you only pay if a person clicks on the ad. A click on an ad is defacto a visit to your website. You don’t pay for it, if someone “just” saw it.

The counterpart to PPC is the CPM (cost-per-mile) model. It’s about charging for every thousand ad impressions.

PPC advertising is displayed above the organic search results. Google allows you to place your ad in its search engine at the exact location where your prospective customer is looking for an answer to their query.

With Google Ads, you can position your ad link so aptly and “naturally” to the customer that most of the population doesn’t even realize they’re clicking on a sponsored link to your website or e-store.

Example of PPC advertising in the Czech search engine
Example of PPC advertising in the most famous search engine Google

How to succeed with PPC advertising in Google search


Adwords account analysis

We audit your PPC campaigns and find out where you have the biggest gaps in PPC advertising performance. Our goal is your long-term growth and profit.

We look at your profitability comprehensively. We take into account not only the media costs, but also the total cost of the work.

Benefit from the synergy of knowledge from the largest PPC team in the CZ/SK region.


PPC advertising optimization

We’ll make sure your Google ad (on YouTube, Display Network, Maps) is shown to your customer at the right time and with a relevant message.

Google PPC advertising can spend an unlimited amount of money. We will ensure that you invest in PPC campaigns in a targeted and effective way.


Export with Google Ads

Google Shopping is the most effective PPC advertising method in Central and Western Europe.

The proven practices of PPC specialists, the experience of several of our Google trainers and the highest possible level of Google support will enable your business to reach new horizons.


How to kick-start sales with PPC advertising?

When starting an e-shop, it is crucial to get the first customers. The advantage of advertising in search engines (Google, Bing, is that people are actively looking for a solution to their problem or need (the answer to a question).

If you offer a product or service that actually solves people’s needs, all you need to do is display your ad at the right time, right where they are “desperately” trying to find it.

A well-configured Google Ads ad will only show your ad to people whose searches indicate that they are actually looking for the product (service) you offer.

If you’re not careful, your ad may display high and bring a lot of people to the site, but it will have a low return on investment (ROI) as a result.

PPC advertising on Google can gobble up an infinite amount of money. Click prices can be literally astronomical. For the most competitive words even a few euros. Trying to save money on a proper Google Ads account setup will not pay off.

The money saved on specialists and their work will be spent on expensive clicks and ads directed to people who will never be your customers and to sites that will not lead them to complete a purchase.


PPC advertising and price

The price of PPC advertising (pay-per-click) depends primarily on the price per click. But as the owner, you are interested in the total cost of the work and the amount of credit (invoices from Google). Don’t compare PPC advertising price lists. Ask what return on investment (ROI), or what ratio of cost to sales generated (PNO), it could have for your business.

Here too, the more competitors advertise, the more you need to invest in it (both the work of skilled specialists and the price offered per click).

Google advertising works like an online auction. Whoever offers more per click is higher up. The advertising link in the first position gets the most clicks and is also likely to get the most customers.

Is it just about the price? No. Without top-notch advertising, the system will penalize you. Google cannot afford to show “low quality advertising”.

Poorly crafted ads either won’t even show up on Google, or they’ll be so expensive and ineffective that you’ll turn them off yourself.

How an auction works in Google Ads


How does Google Ads work?

Become a hero of the digital age and delve into the secrets of Google advertising.

With a better knowledge of “PPC marketing”, you will be able to better grasp strategic decision making and creatively use all the opportunities that the world of search engine advertising has to offer. Learn the secrets of PPC advertising.

Internet PPC advertising is not just Google search engine. Today, PPC campaigns called Google Ads display contextual advertising across the broad Google AdSense network on Google Maps, YouTube and in your Gmail inbox. Google Shopping (G Shopping) remains the most effective type of PPC campaigns for e-shops.

The vast majority of people come to your website from mobile devices. Mobile is thus playing an increasingly important role in the sales processes of e-shops. Why is mobile advertising worthwhile for your e-shop? What to look out for?

We’ll help you what we think are the biggest benefits of pay-per-click advertising on mobile.


MagicScript for maximum profit

MagicScript Algorithm allows us to bid PPC advertising in an automated and efficient way according to the PNO/ROAS goals of the e-shop. With “Magic” we can guarantee to maximize gross margin turnover at a specified percentage of efficiency.

Bidding strategy and algorithm tailored to your business.. By automating human work with the help of algorithms, we increase the overall added value.

Guaranteed efficiency and non-pass-through credit is a key advantage for international e-shops with large budgets. Our algorithms never sleep, are not PN, have no weekends or holidays. How is your PPC specialist?

Learn more about the bidding algorithm on the MagicScript website.


PPC automation with artificial intelligence

Even with a slightly larger store, you’re faced with an enormous amount of setup during the creation of PPC campaigns. Doing it manually would be too expensive. That’s why we use a wide range of tools to ensure that advertising is relevant, useful to people and effective for business.

Our PPC specialists are not “clickers”. They are the technicians and experts who wrestle with the world of technology every day to make your online business grow.

Tools like Dotidot, MagicScript or Google Adsdnes need engineers to “feed” the systems and algorithms with the right data. The future is in PPC advertising managed in real time according to the generated margin. Secondly, by the price of acquiring a new customer.

Thanks to the MagicScript algorithm, we can adjust turnover and margin for cancellations, returns, transport costs as well as credit and labour. This way we get real-time gross profit info.

Have you also experienced PPC campaigns that generated high turnover and at the end you were in loss? With “Magic”, performance info (cost per customer acquisition or order) is reflected in PPC bidding in real-time. The daily budget goes up automatically, you don’t need debates and reports to do this. So you won’t miss any sales opportunities.

The opposite. Losses on PPC advertising are automatically minimized. If “people get scared” and just click without buying, the algorithm throttles the ad to an effective minimum.


Google Shopping Ads for higher sales

Shopping ads currently account for up to 70% of e-commerce profits.They are displayed based on keywords or search queries. Google creates them itself based on the product names and descriptions.

Shopping campaigns work across different segments and beat others. Google actively helps them to do this by displaying them first in the space right next to text ads.


Advantages of PPC advertising

Excellently set up PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns accurately target the target audience. Thanks to them, the conversion rate is high and quality customers come to the website.

Campaigns need time to get enough data from remarketing and conversion codes. If you have three orders a day, it can take weeks. For hundreds, a few days is enough.

Currently, 86% of spend credit comes from fully automated Google and MagicScript campaigns. We optimize the creation of hundreds or thousands of campaigns using the Dotidot.

Quantity is not quality. This also applies to advertising campaigns. E-shops that manage a huge number of PPC campaigns come to us more and more often. We solve them according to two simple rules:

  • If there are more than 10 campaigns in the account, we determine whether they are effective.
  • If there are more than 100 campaigns in the account, we will completely “ditch” them.


PPC advertising versus strategic SEO

Both SEO and PPC are tools for generating more traffic to a website and acquiring new customers.

While PPC campaigns will increase relevant traffic to a site almost instantly, you have to be more patient with SEO. This is a long-term activity, which often brings results only after a few months.

Many businesses enjoy SEO where you only pay for results.


Remarketing à la PPC advertising privilege

Imagine if you could reach a specific group of people with your advertising. And to this group, the content of a PPC ad on Google would be uniquely tailored – to each individual according to their preferences. Remarketing in Google Ads can create such groups according to several criteria.

Which parts of your site were visited

What they didn't buy despite their interest

What product did they eventually buy

What they were interested in from your offer


How does remarketing work?

We first tag your site visitors using codes embedded on the site (a unique code for each sub-page). Accordingly, we identify users that we can reach with thematically targeted PPC advertising across the Google network.

You’ll be able to notify customers who have visited your site in the last month but haven’t made a purchase – for example, to receive a free gift with their purchase. You can tell those interested in a product from a certain category about a special offer that relates directly to that product.

What will remarketing get you?

Persuade undecided customers to buy. If they have already made a purchase, offer them a related item, discount or gift. It’s one of the most effective ways to sell a service or product.

A lot of people visit your website and don’t find what they were looking for, and they may not come back. Remarketing can drive them straight to the place with the desired product with a relevant PPC ad on Google.

Strengthen the relationship with your customers. Inform them about current promotions or discounts. When launching a new product, reach out to everyone who visited your website in the first phase. Later on, you can attach a sales offer with an exclusive gift.

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Know-how proven by the best

As the only marketing company in Slovakia, we have become a Google export partner. This gives us exclusive access to Google’s export tools. We select the right market for your e-shop based on real data.

A certified partnership with Mergado saves a significant amount of money. We can modify the XML feed without programmer intervention. Our partner MagicScript enables automated bidding of products in PPC Google advertising according to the PNO/ROAS strategy of the e-shop in order to achieve the highest possible turnover or gross margin. That way we get the most out of your budget.


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