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Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? We’ll turn your social media into a unique, results-driven marketing tool.

The Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Dexfinity

Do you need to attract customers as effectively as possible? Our social media specialists will prepare an eye-catching advertising tailored to your business in a short time. You’ll reach hundreds of thousands of people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

CHEETAH acinonyx jubatus, Adult running through Savannah

Express Campaign Deployment

Elephant with a zebra skin into a crowd . Think outside the box concept . This is a 3d render illustration

Relevant Audiences

Dreaming about being better. An alternative zebra like a unicorn in blue flowers on pink background. Negative space. Modern design. Contemporary art. Creative conceptual and colorful collage.

Selling Creatives

African savannah landscape in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Transparent Evaluation

ROI Hunter on the Hunt

Catch Customers with Automation

Show them relevant products in an attractive way with dynamic ads. The exclusive ROI Hunter tool will speed up the processes of setting up campaigns, increase the overall conversion rate and the sales themselves.

ROI Hunter also allows you to create engaging creatives without the need for a graphic designer.


How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

With 2.89 billion active users, Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach your target audience. Social media specialists will select your ideal customers and show them your business in an engaging and attractive creative.

When evaluating campaigns, we look primarily at the cost to sales ratio and the profit generated by our activities. We compare these metrics against the actual plan.

This way you know exactly where you stand.

The key to success is the right data. That’s why before launching any campaign, we perform an audit in which we set up the necessary tools according to the goals and needs of the project.

We are constantly optimizing and creating new campaigns based on current data. We monitor the results on a daily basis. We develop projects with the ambition to grow to other countries.

For larger projects, we use the ROI Hunter tool. It provides a valuable competitive advantage. We can automate the campaigns with it, which will increase conversions and sales.

If you can’t get to grips with social media, the experienced Dexfinity specialists are here for you. The first consultation is our treat, because we support ambitious projects.


Know-How Confirmed
by the Best

We became a Google Export Partner and gained exclusive access to Google Exporting Tools. We can help you select the appropriate market for your eshop based on real data.

A certified partnership with Mergado saves a significant amount of money. We can modify the XML feed without an intervention of the programmer.

Our partner MagicScript allows you to bid products automatically according to the Revenue ROI / ROAS strategy of the eshop in order to achieve the highest possible turnover or gross margin. This allows us to get the most out of your budget.

Social Media on Beyond Ecommerce

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