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Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is an extremely effective sales tool. Likes are nice, but real conversions make money.

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What is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook advertising is a powerful marketing weapon. You can promote products, apps and events using different types of campaigns. Facebook then generates conversions. Naturally, not for free. For every ad you run, it swallows up the budget you allocate to it. 

You can target Facebook and Instagram ads not only by gender and demographics, but also by profile information and other metrics.

Types of Facebook advertising formats

Visual (image) Ads

Deliver the story of your brand with eye-catching images and quality artwork. Use your own photos or create an ad using photos from a stock photo library.

Collections Ads

Captivate the customer with an eye-catching banner under which products from the catalogue are displayed dynamically. Facebook collections combine video, photos and product presentation. This format works extremely well with promotions. The banner communicates the current event while the dynamic images in turn communicate the products you have on sale. Visitors do not move from the collections to the shop subpage, but remain in the online store directly on Facebook

Carousel Ads

Display up to ten images or videos in a single ad and assign each element its own link. Showcase multiple products or just one of a variety of views. Images can be fixed or dynamically uploaded from the Facebook catalogue. When using the dynamic option, ensure Facebook has enough data sourced from the website in order to display the products that the target audience actually viewed.

Video Ads

Draw people in with sound and movement. Record your own videos or create them in the Ads Manager (Meta Business Suite) using video creation tools. We're happy to help you with simple animations. We use ROI Hunter and its Creative factory module to create moving collages.


How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Bidding on Facebook works differently. Unlike Google Ads, it uses both credit and ad impressions. This means that you pay not only for clicks, but also for impressions.

When you set your budget, you will see the potential reach of your advertising. You can get different results for the same money. There is no fixed price. Whether you reach the top or bottom of the range will depend on how people respond to your ad.  

You’re not using your credit to sell only the goods from the ad. The final numbers include everything the customer has added to their cart. You can also track the results of your advertising campaign in terms of total purchases as well as average order value.

Don’t solely focus on spent credit. What matters is the cost per conversion relative to the value of the sale you made. For low margin products this should be lower, and for those products that generate more, you shouldn’t be afraid to pay extra. 


Importance of paid advertising on Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm is exceptionally sophisticated and handles extremely high quality data. It knows where potential customers are, their age, gender, social status and interests. 

In order for an algorithm to make a business profitable, it needs enough data. This is obtained through correct Facebook Pixel settings on the client’s website.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

It's a small snippet of code that tracks actions taken by visitors to your site. In other words, it connects your website to Facebook. Within Facebook Pixel, you can set up unique Facebook events that send you information about the user's behaviour on the website. The events you will use most often are "view content", "add to cart", "purchase" or "subscription". You can also tailor events to your business and track a specific URL or click of a specific button.


How do we optimise Facebook advertising?

When evaluating campaigns, we are interested in the cost-to-turnover ratio and the profit we have generated through our work. We compare these metrics against the target and continually work to meet or exceed it. 

For us, data is fundamental. Before launching any campaign, we conduct an audit in which we set up the necessary tools according to the goals and needs of the project.

We continuously optimise and create new campaigns based on the latest data. We monitor results on a daily basis and develop projects with the ambition to grow into additional countries.


Automate your Facebook ad campaigns

Display products that appeal to your customers with dynamic ads. At Dexfinity, we develop them using ROI Hunter, a tool that:

  • reduces the error rate when managing dynamic ads;
  • speeds up the campaign setup processes;
  • improves conversions and increases sales;
  • allows you to create engaging artwork without the need for a graphic designer;
  • supports the integration of FB ad management with Google Analytics (Facebook itself does not have this option).

Thanks to the integration of Google Analytics (GA), working with data is more accurate and efficient.

The evaluation of campaign results is based on real data that can be immediately compared with Pixel. Facebook does not have such an integration option with GA.

For us, data is fundamental. Before launching any campaign, we conduct an audit in which we set up the necessary tools according to the goals and needs of the project.

 ROI Hunter provides a valuable competitive advantage, particularly for larger projects. It automates fine-tuned campaigns, which positively impacts sales and increases conversion rates.

 Connecting an online store to ROI Hunter is a very smooth and fast process. If the data is in good order, we can be up and running on a project within 24 hours with the help of this tool.

How does Facebook remarketing work?

Advertising drives people to a website, but only a small percentage of them actually complete a purchase. At least not immediately. To make sure you don’t lose these potential customers, you can re-engage with them by using Facebook remarketing.  

Users then see ads on Facebook based on their previous search history. To run a remarketing campaign on Facebook (retargeting), you will need to launch Facebook Pixel.

Thanks to remarketing on Facebook, you can:

  • strengthen your brand;
  • increase the probability of a customer making a purchase in your online store; and
  • change previously non-converting visitors into customers.


The benefits of remarketing through Facebook ads

  •   You will reach an audience that is already familiar with you.
  •   You will build brand loyalty and show new or best-selling products to your customers.
  •   Each ad is tailored to a specific visitor.
  •  You can use dynamic ads that automatically display items that the visitor was previously interested in.

The benefits of advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Do you need to attract customers as effectively as possible? Our social media specialists will prepare an eye-catching advertising tailored to your business in a short time. You’ll reach hundreds of thousands of people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

CHEETAH acinonyx jubatus, Adult running through Savannah

Express campaign set-up

Elephant with a zebra skin into a crowd . Think outside the box concept . This is a 3d render illustration

Relevant audiences

Dreaming about being better. An alternative zebra like a unicorn in blue flowers on pink background. Negative space. Modern design. Contemporary art. Creative conceptual and colorful collage.

Selling creatives

African savannah landscape in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Transparent evaluation


What is Instagram advertising?

An ad on Instagram usually looks like a perfectly ordinary post. Users can tell that it’s an ad by the “sponsored” tag.

Ad posts appear throughout the app, including on users’ feeds, stories, polls, and more. They often have more features than a regular post, such as links, CTA (call to action) buttons and product catalogues.

An example of PPC advertising in the most famous search engine, Google


What’s the cost of an Instagram ad?

Do Instagram ads have a price list?

Both Facebook and Instagram fall under the same ad manager – Meta. The cost of advertising on Instagram is usually slightly higher, especially if the artwork is poor. By contrast, you can promote engaging posts for significantly less money. 

The reason for the higher price per ad is that there are fewer options for ad placement and increased competition for a share of the impressions.  A pleasant surprise when compared to Facebook is the improved effectiveness in terms of cost and performance. 

There is no price list. To achieve results, you will need quality artwork and clever targeting.


How to create an ad on Instagram

There are two ways to create ads on Instagram: 

  1. You can turn any post into an advertisement using the “Promote” function, which is similar to the “Boost” button on Facebook. You just need to decide who to show the ad to and for how much. You can direct visitors from the ad to relevant subpages.
  2.  Create a campaign using Facebook Ads Manager, a comprehensive tool for running ads on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Facebook and Instagram Ads with Dexfinity


We use the ROI Hunter tool

It allows us to create eye-catching campaigns, we can assess them more effectively and thereby gain you a competitive advantage.


Effective targeting

We scale campaigns based on results. We don’t limit ourselves in accordance with Facebook targeting, but instead we tailor it to your business using additional tools.


Facebook remarketing

We start every collaboration with a data review. Without it, remarketing doesn’t work. An audit will reveal whether we are really working with high-quality data and genuine site visitors.


What is included in Dexfinity social media management?

Facebook and Instagram management includes:

management and optimisation of performance campaigns

  • creation of new profitable campaigns
  • targeting and A/B testing
  • creation and editing of the most interesting audiences
  • ad-hoc campaigns
  • spending and creative consultancy
  • regular reporting and accounting
  • daily campaign monitoring
  • bidding


What is influencer marketing?

It is marketing that puts an influential and authentic personality at the forefront of your advertising campaign, introducing your products to a wider audience of people – your followers. The goal is to increase product and brand awareness as well as actual sales.

Influencers of the highest quality are the first to “run out” and by delaying influencer marketing you are missing out on opportunities to attract the most authentic and genuine personalities.

Getting a busy influencer to work with you is very difficult, if not impossible. In such cases, it is necessary to develop an attractive offer that appeals to that particular influencer.

Influencers represent a way to genuinely connect with potential customers, preferably at the exact moment when they are consuming digital content that matches their preferences and interests. 

Attractive photos of them with your product are of particular value. You can then continue to use them for remarketing campaigns, blog posts or as social media content, provided the influencer consents.

Example of PPC advertising in the Czech search engine
An example of PPC advertising in the most famous search engine, Google


Influencer marketing with Dexfinity

Don’t wait for your followers to have spontaneous conversations. Encourage them to take action with a call to action in a post or use influencers.

At Dexfinity, we work with both big and not-so-big names that combine reliability and a quality audience. Our Instagram specialists will ensure that the collaboration goes smoothly and delivers the expected results.


Know-How Confirmed
by the Best

We are the only marketing company in Slovakia to become a Google export partner. As a result, we have exclusive access to Google’s export tools. We will select the right market for your online store based on real data.

Our certified partnership with Mergado saves a significant amount of money. We can modify the XML feed without the intervention of a programmer. Our partner MagicScript enables automated bidding of products in PPC Google advertising according to the cost-to-turnover/ROAS strategy of the online store in order to achieve the highest possible sales or gross margin. This allows us to get the most out of your budget

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