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Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and price comparisons

NOBIO is involved in the sale of furniture fittings, accessories and products for the repair or refurbishment of kitchen units and households. The product range is designed for both DIYers as well as experienced craftsmen. 

Prior to 2020, the business owner had engaged several marketing agencies and freelancers. The results were not adequate and the online store stalled – until the alliance with Dexfinity changed everything.

100 problems solved

by our specialists within the online store in the first three months


The starting point of the project

It was 2020 and the owner of NOBIO was feeling skeptical about marketing in general, as well as his own online business. He had been stung by the unfair behaviour of agencies and freelancers. He wasn’t far from giving up on his own business and marketing altogether. 

NOBIO’s online store was built on an unstable solution and found itself in competition with two websites with the same product range.

Today, however, it is a different story and NOBIO is growing at a pace that allows it not only to increase its profits, but also to invest in international expansion. 

We immediately resolved the first issues

Initially, we had to resolve the problem of the two identical online stores. They sold the same range of products and the client believed that this way he could cover more of the market with a single administrative process. He was competing with himself and the results were nowhere to be seen.

The second issue was lack of trust. We had to have a frank discussion because the collaboration was in danger of coming to a swift end.

We took action:

  • We got rid of the two parallel websites.
  • We concentrated purely on one online store and the campaigns within it.
  • We took steps to make the existing campaigns broader and more effective.
  • We worked on building an honest rapport based on results. 

Solutions for NOBIO’s online store

Once the first results started to appear, we brought up the topic of the non-functioning online store. The existing solution was unstable, the online store would often crash and there were problems within the shopping cart.

Thanks to the results of the campaigns, the client’s trust in our services grew and we helped him source a skilled programmer. In three months, he resolved 100 tasks and fixed all the major problems.

Having refined the online store and developing an open and supportive channel of communication with the owner, we were able to propose performance-based remuneration. 

Fine-tuned PPC campaigns

We concentrated on PPC performance marketing. The best results are achieved by using smart shopping campaigns and we are currently transitioning them to Performance Max campaigns.

By way of continuous optimisation, we have ensured that:

  •       own-brand campaigns can earn an additional €375 for every euro invested,
  •       campaigns and data are not fragmented, but rather operate as a whole,
  •       Google Ads turnover grew by 216% year-on-year (December 2020 vs. December 2021),
  •       we continue to adhere to the cost to turnover ratio set by the client and are gradually optimising it.

What if 10% of the range drops out?

A major challenge came at the beginning of 2022. There was a problem with the supply of kitchen sinks and taps, which account for a tenth of turnover. We had to close down all campaigns for these goods. We automatically expected a slight decline, but the shortfall did not affect the results.

We had set up the PPC campaigns so well that the budget was redistributed to a different product range. This sold in higher numbers and made up for the shortfall in revenue from sink sales. 

Facebook campaigns

NOBIO’s strategy required a specific approach. Hangers, pull-outs or rubbish bins are not immediately appealing to the eye and the budget was very limited. We focused on performance.

We didn’t overspend on creating elaborate fanpages and a variety of posts. Every euro went into product campaigns. We tested different formats and audiences. The best results came from the collection format and targeting a male audience. 

  •       We lowered the turnover ratio we set and it is at 12% (including the work that we do).
  •       The volume of organic orders has increased.
  •       Facebook campaigns have increased brand awareness.

Strong partnership and a five-fold increase in turnover

The owner of NOBIO is an expert in his field and he was looking for the same level of professionalism within his marketing. In the two years of working together we have created a strong and growing online store. We succeeded in restoring the client’s faith in marketing.

Nowadays, the owner also turns to us with many other business-related questions. He could have wrapped it up in 2020 and said enough is enough. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Today, NOBIO’s turnover is 5x higher than at the beginning of our partnership.

The current campaign results are exceeding all expectations. They did well during lockdown, partly because some of the competition had closed down. These days, all brick-and-mortar stores are open and the online store’s turnover is still growing steadily.

The revenue generated can be used to expand the online store and we are currently entering the Czech market. 

The project in numbers



Resolved problems

In the first three months we solved one hundred problems within the online store 

12 %

Improved turnover ratio

Reduction of the cost to turnover ratio to 12% in Facebook sales campaigns


216 %

Year-on-year increase in turnover

In total, we have seen a 5-fold increase in turnover in two years

The specialists involved in this project

Mario Rath

Mário Ráth

Mário works at Dexfinity as a key account manager. In the past, he established several successful projects that he marketed himself. Thanks to this, he is able to relate to the needs of our e-commerce partners. He actively brings innovative solutions that not only kick-start or save, but also develop their business.

Denisa Pufflerova

Denisa Pufflerová

Social Media Project Manager & Team Leader

Matej Hupčík

PPC Specialist

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