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Waragod is a Slovak eshop operating in the army and fashion sphere. They approached us when they hit their growth limit with another marketing partner. At that time, we started working together to expand into the Czech Republic and Hungary. We have now helped the partner grow into eight countries and this is just the beginning.

Record sales of €4 million

In 2021, sales climbed to €4 million.

Starting Point

Waragod initially focused solely on selling army products. After rebranding in 2020, it expanded its portfolio to include sportswear and hobby products for archery, fishing and other non-traditional sports.

Before Waragod partnered with us, it had ambitions to expand abroad on its own. It was only when they expanded into the Czech Republic and Hungary and the challenges escalated that they realised it would be advantageous for them to bring in some specialists.

The Secret of Quick Solutions

Communication with the new business partner was very smooth from the start of the collaboration. Together with Waragod’s in-house marketing staff, we consulted in detail from the start on the necessary adjustments to the eshop.

Expansion Challenges

In the early stages of any new collaboration, details need to be fine-tuned so that everything goes smoothly.

With Waragod, we tackled campaign automation using MagicScript. Since the individual feeds didn’t meet our expectations, we redesigned the entire structure with an emphasis on the analytical details.

This gave us true and relevant data, which we used to refine the campaigns for even greater performance.

Accounts Denied

Waragod has a specific product segment in which it engages in non-traditional hobby sports. The offer includes “baseball bats” or slingshots. For a long time, Google viewed these gadgets as weapons and did not allow advertising accounts to work with them.

However, we were eventually able to modify the problematic products to Google’s satisfaction and allow their sale.

Finding a Sustainable Model

As we gradually expanded into larger countries, we needed to find a sustainable business model. Waragod wanted to grow, so the only solution was to increase credits (ad budget).

We were expanding to several large countries at the same time, which required careful planning. Therefore, we prepared complex spreadsheets in which we calculated the future ACoS (advertising cost of sale ratio).

It allowed us to keep track of everything, predict unwanted problems and come up with appropriate solutions promptly.

We are currently working in eight countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Germany), which are completely under our management and are constantly growing.

A Spectacular Rebranding

In 2020, Waragod wanted to define and specify its brand. They wanted to expand their eshop with new products, which naturally led to a rebranding.

Rebranding an eshop is usually challenging, but this time everything went smoothly. By working closely together and reallocating activities, we adjusted content, names, branding and communication across all managed channels in a matter of hours.

The original Army Market became Waragod. A brand that challenges you to outdo yourself.

Project in numbers


€1.4 mil.

Increased Turnover

In 2019, together we raised our client’s turnover to 1.4 million euros. 

+100 %

Year-on-Year Increase in Turnover

We managed to increase turnover by almost 100% in 2020: to €2.4 million.

€4 mil.

Record Sales

In 2021, sales climbed to €4 million.

Responsible Project Supervisor

Ondrej Lipták

Ondrej works at Dexfinity as a Key Account Manager. He focuses on projects with great potential. Each of them takes its own. That is why he constantly manages to push our clients’ business beyond any expectations.

His superpower is turning problems into opportunities. He has a sense of connecting people and knowledge across the entire ecommerce ecosystem.

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