Looking For SEO Hacks? Mix Content and Link Building!

If you want to truly engage with online users, you will also need to utilise Google’s ever-evolving algorithm. Employ these 6 SEO hacks to captivate new customers. 

However, to achieve this, you will need a well thought-out combination of advanced link building and content marketing, which we will outline in the following article.

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An increase in website traffic is the result of multiple, mutually reinforcing factors. Advertising campaigns, the acquisition of backlinks and relevant keywords in the text are a good springboard for your online store. 

However, you will only achieve impressive results if your link building and content marketing are logically interconnected.  

SEO Hack #1: Link building gives authority to your store

The process of linking different websites to your online store is also known as link building. Each backlink created serves as an authorisation – a stamp of approval that confirms the credibility of your site.

In order to rank favourably in search engines, you need to get links from relevant websites.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

  • You will have influence over the search engine algorithm and receive better rankings from search engines.
  • You will increase the reach of your website.
  • This will in turn boost your content marketing and amplify its impact.

SEO Hack #2: Increase Awareness and Dwell Time with High-quality Content 

Content marketing is an effective method for building brand awareness and navigating customers through the sales funnel. However, many companies fail to fully harness its potential in order to create unique content that truly engages users. 

Moreover, High-quality content directly improves dwell time, which is the amount of time that a Google searcher spends on a page before returning back to the search page. Many SEO specialists consider Dwell Time an important Google ranking signal.

žena pri notebooku rieši content marketing a linkbuilding

Although everyone has an equal chance at success, not everyone creates content that is interesting to the customer themselves. Use it to your advantage.


When does content really sell?

Google likes sites that don’t remain stagnant. What’s more, when it comes to sites with unique content, it notices the thing that can help you the most – the keywords in the text.

High-quality content is distinctive in that:

  • it is researched in advance and provides accurate information;
  • it speaks directly to the target audience;
  • it contains stylistically correct text free of errors;
  • it makes use of supplementary images, graphs, videos or infographics;
  • and finally, at the time of publication, it is as complete and up-to-date as possible.

While relevant content does boost your SEO, it’s not always the easiest thing to do either. There is a lot of competition and you can’t simply focus on one aspect. The best thing you can do is to use all the elements together and combine link building with your content strategy.

Content marketing and link building as two sides of the same coin

Content marketing would not be complete without link building. The same is true in reverse.

If you want to increase site traffic and sales at the same time, you will need to get backlinks from other sites that will direct users towards your own content. 

This way, your content will get the attention and recognition it deserves.

Don’t fall for these traps!

However, you should be careful about the content you publish. Algorithms are evolving at breakneck speed and they direct users only to high-quality and relevant content. Keep it up to date, don’t forget your keywords, and ensure it’s regularly given a technical overhaul. 

google algoritmus, ktorý vyhodnocuje, či je obsah a spätný odkaz relevantný

Google’s algorithm is evolving fast – be careful what you publish.


SEO Hack #3: High-quality backlinks only! 

Link building has been around for several years now. Since its launch, however, it has undergone drastic changes. You can no longer rely on old links from untrustworthy sites that have nothing to do with your online store.

Basic principles for obtaining high-quality backlinks: 

  • Build relationships with different sites solely through authentic and desired links.
  • Content marketing must be creative and contain infographics. Give readers added value, and make content easy to read and simple to digest.
  • Analyse your competitors’ backlinks and stay one step ahead with your SEO.
  • Avoid forums, blog comments or other networks. These types of backlinks no longer generate the necessary traction.

Tip: The more trusted websites that link to your online store (with quality content that is helpful for customers), the better Google rankings and search positions you’ll get.

SEO Hack #4 Avoid artificial link building 

Creating backlinks has become crucial to SEO – so much so, that websites sometimes tend to buy them or otherwise manipulate them.

Google wanted to prevent this and devised methods to quickly detect fake and irrelevant links. These can be links that are related to the exchange of goods and services, are generated automatically, link to unrelated sites or to sites with strange redirects.

Be careful where you get your backlinks from. This will help you avoid unnecessary problems.

SEO Hack #5: Broaden your target audience

Almost everyone uses search engines such as Google. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to obtain new information. 

If you wish to improve conversion success and target the right audience, make use of the data given to you by the users themselves through keyword searches.

Offer your prospective customers a solution that fixes their problem.

dvaja ľudia, ktorí sa rozprávajú o svojich problémoch

If you don’t know what to write about, ask your customers. Listen to their needs and address the biggest ones.

SEO Hack #6: Map out your customer’s journey

Understanding your customer’s entire buying journey will help you get to know them better. At the same time, you can find out what’s bothering them at each stage.

Take advantage of this when creating content. The most successful topics are always the ones that customers actively engage with. Write about it, argue about it and explain it. Answer the most pressing questions with engaging texts, articles, videos or podcasts.

Subsequently, don’t hide the content, but spread it among the masses. Build a network of backlinks with it, which will increase the credibility of your online store and your products.

Be a Winner with Thought-Out Tactics

Link building and content marketing are two very important aspects of SEO optimization for search engines. However, the key to success is understanding that higher rankings in search engines are not the end goal.

After all, you want to produce quality content and distribute it (including through link building) to prospective customers. This content will only help you sell your products if you update and review it on a regular basis.

If you are not sure where to start, our link building and content specialists will be happy to suggest a strategy and take care of the necessary actions to increase the profitability of your business. The first consultation is free and without obligation.

Thanks to the Dexfinity Editorial Staff for Creating This Article

Author: Veronika Svajčiaková

Editor: Martin Bartl

Published by: Róbert Hošták

Translated by: Nikola Davis

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