Social Media Master

A skilled champion who will master Dexfinity’s social media, create original campaigns and amaze the entire galaxy!








English Proficient C1+

Read about the position. If you find out that you don’t meet the requirements, you may know someone who does. Refer them to us and you will both receive a referral bonus of €300. 

Your Role

  • To create a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Active presentation of the company on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook (experience with managing these social networks is a prerequisite)
  • To bring new creative ideas to strengthen the brand in the market
  • To produce content also in video and audio format
  • To evaluate the campaigns’ success and prepare the next strategic steps
  • To work with the advertising budget
  • To find and test additional channels for new campaigns

Your Superpowers

Soft Skills

  • Empathy to understand the processes within the team
  • Communication skills
  • Results orientation – “Always be closing”
  • Thinking outside the box


Hard Skills

  • Orientation in marketing principles (especially B2B services)
  • Advanced copywriting skills
  • Excellent orientation in social media Facebook and Instagram
  • Experience in brand building
  • Good knowledge of PR principles
  • English language proficiency at a minimum C1 level (writing and speaking)


General Skills

  • At Dexfinity we offer you freedom, but we require responsibility and a diligent approach
  • Be a team player, it is the only way to reach your goals
  • Your time management is like a cakewalk
  • You learn new things relatively quickly have quick and practical judgement

Benefits and Perks

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