Miroslav Šajban

Miroslav Sajban

Team Leader & PPC Specialist

Languages: English, German, Slovak

Contributed also to the following projects: Reebelo, Inlea, Autoobchod, The Rake

The adventurer who ships clients abroad

Miroslav works in the Trenčín office of Dexfinity as a Team Leader and PPC Specialist. He participates in the career development of colleagues. Moreover, he is responsible for several projects, where he acts as Project & Account Manager.

Dynamics, Diversity, Foreign Markets

Miroslav’s favourite thing about his job is the variety of tasks and projects, but he also enjoys tracking the development of the company. However, he finds the greatest pleasure in projects that he has helped to establish in foreign markets and significantly multiply their profits.

“In July 2020 we started to work with an attractive client Reebelo, to which we helped launch the Singapore market. Just a month later, we were already setting up a Google Ads account for Australia and were slowly starting conversations with the client to enter the Chinese market. Initially, it was challenging to adjust to the different cultural specifics, finding a balance in communication and reporting. However, after a few weeks, we managed to do that and we are now working as one unit.”

Miroslav Šajban
Miroslav Šajban
Team Leader & PPC Specialist

We Maximise Net Profit, not Turnover

Together with his team, Miroslav tries to educate clients and choose the paths to take. Our goal is not to maximise turnover but net profit. That’s why we have started margin bidding with many clients.

He Joined Us at Headfirst

The biggest challenge was the very beginning at Dexfinity – at a time when Miroslav knew nothing about the job. Despite having a family and a mortgage ‘on his neck’, he decided to join us. And now he has no regrets, because as he says: “It was the best career decision of my life.”