Vladimír Nociar

Vladimir Nociar

Deputy CEO, Head of Operations

Languages: English, Slovak, Italian

Contributed also to the following projects: The most challenging tasks, where others can't get their heads around it

Performance Mentor

Vladimir is an ecommerce strategist and personal trainer in one person. His top priority is client growth. Every success motivates him to further develop great eshops.

He is currently in charge of projects with a monthly turnover of more than 3/4 million euros.


  • Economic growth and the company’s performance
  • Ensures the profitability of Dexfinity
  • Responsible for verifying the benchmarks and efficiency of the company through project profitability and potential growth
  • Coordinates team leaders, teams and managers
  • Implements executive decisions
  • Sets the company processes of a fast-growing brand in the market: Dexfinity

Ecommerce Consultant

Vladimir builds on his rich experience with starting and running his ecommerce project. This enables him to advise clients on improvements that will bring profitability and further growth to their online stores.

He believes that Dexfinity can grow only with client growth.

Business Development Strategist

Vladimir manages a team of account managers, sets strategies for the development of eshops from business financial management of eshops through processes to marketing strategy.

Senior Personal Coach & Mentor

Vladimir’s responsibilities also include ensuring employee stability. He coordinates the training of specialists and managers daily.

He is also in charge of mentoring colleagues to achieve more efficient work and even better results in client projects. As a professional coach, he applies his skills also in the provision of Magic Hiring services.

Magic Hiring

The Magic Hiring service is used by clients who are looking for a highly specialised marketing expert for their company. The service involves identifying the psychological and personal qualities of candidates applying for niches in online marketing.

Combined with expert analysis of fellow specialists, it evaluates the professional-personality screening of candidates. The result is a critical but highly relevant candidate profile for a specific online marketing position.