ROI Hunter On the Hunt: How To Automate PPC Advertising

Offer customers relevant products with dynamic ads. You can set them up using the ROI Hunter tool, which will not only help you speed up the process of setting up campaigns, but also increase the overall conversion rate.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Try ROI Hunter

If you’ve ever managed dynamic ads, you know how much work goes into it. A single mistake can cost you a lot of money. ROI Hunter is a great tool for reducing unwanted errors.

What are its advantages when it comes to managing Facebook campaigns?

1. Integration with Google Analytics

Thanks to the integration with Google Analytics (GA), working with data is more accurate and efficient. The evaluation of campaign results is based on real data that can be immediately compared via Pixel. In comparison, Facebook does not have such an integration option with GA.

2. Advanced-level work with feeds and catalogues

Catalogue Manager allows you to dynamically work with the product feed. Product sets can be created at an advanced level, based on turnover or number of units sold.

3. Template editor

Most dynamic ads use simple photos from online stores. ROI Hunter selects images directly from the catalogue into pre-set templates and optimally places product images using the Safe Zone function.

This results in dynamic ads that attract attention and have a higher CTR (click-through rate).

4. Automatic rules and URL tagging

Automatic campaign rules can be set up effectively in ROI Hunter. The URL address is also tagged, all by itself. Using Google Analytics, you can then find out which campaigns were successful, what traffic they generated and how many conversions they resulted in.

5. Straight-forward environment and link to the CRM system

You can easily connect ROI Hunter to the company’s CRM system. The tool itself is very user-friendly. You can save all the reports and you can visualise the development of indicators for any given period on the graph.

6. Dynamic optimisation of advertising

Save tons of time with dynamic ad optimisation. It will help you achieve substantially lower costs per click. You can thus increase the budget, or use it for other campaigns, thereby increasing profitability.

Creation of dynamic PPC advertising in ROI Hunter

Thanks to dynamic ads, you can reach new people who have not yet visited your online stores (prospecting). However, you can also target those who have already seen your products based on whether or not they have added them to the cart (remarketing).

With our partner Astratex, we managed to achieve surprising results thanks to dynamic PPC advertising.

Don’t take a single step without a product catalogue

To start taking advantage of dynamic ads on ROI Hunter, you need a product catalogue. This contains all the information about your products sourced from your online store .

The information is pulled directly from the site (product feed), thus enabling access to up-to-date information on availability, discounts and so on.

Use product sets

We recommend using product sets for prospecting. This is especially important if your product portfolio consists of different types of goods. Based on filters, you can select products from a certain category, at a particular price or only those that are discounted.

Tvorba produktových setov z katalógu.

The product catalogue contains all the information about the products in your online store.

Creation of product sets in ROI Hunter

Facebook limits the creation of product sets only to filters that work with the product feed. This is exactly where ROI Hunter excels.

Better advertising thanks to Product Insights

As a single tool, ROI Hunter enables the connection of multiple data sources.

Product Insights is a function that deals specifically with analytics and data linking. It takes information not just from Facebook and your feed, but also from other sources, for example Google Analytics or Google Shopping, or any other desired data, such as margin.

Product Set Insights: Everything important in one place

Product Set Insights makes it possible to optimise and set your strategy more effectively. All statistics are divided into product sets that can be created and managed in one place based on deeper data .

The advantage of the tool is enabling cost management and performance at set level without having to click between campaigns.

How to create a professional creative with ROI Hunter

This tool can create up-to-date and visually attractive creatives which will differentiate you from the competition. With ROI Hunter you can create attractive images and videos in no time without the need for a graphic designer or video creator.

Eye-catching images with Image Editor

Thanks to the Image Editor function, you can create templates for Carousel and Single Image ads. They are professional and at the same time work dynamically with current information taken from your website.

How does Image Editor work?

Image Editor uses layers into which you can insert several graphic fragments – images, shapes or text. You can further condition their display.

This helps to work with the current information found in your product feed. The feed is updated regularly and your ad is updated along with it.

In practice, this means that a discount, the number of items in stock or a logo can be automatically displayed on the creative. A major benefit of working with ROI Hunter is the ability to save templates to your library, meaning that you can return to them and use them again at a later stage.

Creating videos in Creative Factory

ROI Hunter’s hidden treasure. Use Creative Factory to create animations and videos for campaigns. If you need to capture and share a large amount of information quickly, there could be no better helper. It shortens the production time of animated videos several-fold.

How does Creative Factory work?

Similar to Image Editor, Creative Factory uses layers for graphic fragments. However, it works with a timeline that allows you to set when and how something is displayed. It uses a product catalogue, custom or preset animations and a database of freely accessible images.

You can adjust the templates to the required resolution (e.g. square or Instagram Stories) and save them for future use.

A Google Ads specialist must be detail-oriented

If you are serious about PPC advertising, connect with people who have experience with Google Ads. They know all the key tips, as well as how to deal with unfair practices of the competition.

In cooperation with MagicScript, we have created a unique way of bidding on margin, thanks to which we can bring partners a higher profit. We will help you with:

  • auditing or a complete setup of the Google Ads account,
  • creating and optimising advertising, (we guarantee the fulfillment of the set PNO/ROAS and bear financial responsibility if this does not happen; it requires the deployment of the MagicScript tool and clearly defined goals),
  • setting up audiences not only according to demographic data,
  • automating PPC campaigns (PPC Bee, Supermetrics, MagicScript),
  • preparation of detailed automated reports (Datastudio, Zoho Analytics, Power BI).

If you are attracted to the global playing field and believe in your product, don’t hesitate to come and sell with us – worldwide and without the annoying restrictions of the domestic market.

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