Graphic design

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is an artistic and professional discipline that involves visual communication and presentation.

It aims to aesthetically present information and transform thoughts into a visually understandable form using lines, shapes, images, typography, colors, and space.

Graphic design is all around you

You can find graphic design all around you – from logos and billboards to packaging, advertising banners, websites, flyers, car decals, and magazine covers.

Graphic design is a crucial element of advertising communication and plays a vital role in everyday interactions as well.

what is graphic design

Graphic design influences the customer experience, promotes brand recognition and helps communicate with customers.

Types of graphic design

Thirty years ago, graphic design primarily focused on print media, including newspapers, leaflets, and magazines. However, with the emergence of the digital age, graphic design has diversified into various branches such as UX design, motion design, and website design.

Today, the graphic design of an e-shop plays a critical role in its performance metrics, influencing conversion rates and bounce rates. Moreover, the appearance of advertisements, social media presence, and overall branding of a company—both online and offline—are heavily reliant on creativity and execution in graphic design.


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