Google Premier Partner: 7 Years of Strong Partnership and Experience

Google Partner and Google Premier Partner are programs created by Google to support the world’s best digital advertising agencies and digital marketing experts.

For the seventh year in a row, Dexfinity ranks among the top 3% of marketing companies that achieve Google Premier Partner status. We managed to win this prestigious title for the seventh year in a row .

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A short history of the Google Partner program

Originally launched in 2013, Google Partners is a program created by Google to encourage collaboration with advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals. It serves as a platform that provides resources, training and support to enhance partners’ skills and deliver effective solutions for their clients.

Over the years, the program has evolved and expanded, introducing different levels of partnership such as Member, Partner and Premier Partner, each offering different levels of benefits and recognition. It gradually became a key initiative in the field of digital marketing with a scope in over 60 countries and availability in 43 languages.

Google Partner vs. Google Premier Partner

Google Partners and Premier Partners are program levels created to support the best and highest performing digital advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals from around the world.

Being a premium partner of Google means exclusive access to various benefits, including direct support from Google experts, special events, product training, testing of new services and research into different markets or new verticals.

Premier Partner is only for the best of the best

The Google Partners program underwent significant changes in 2022. Among other things, the very meaning of Premium Partner status has changed thanks to expanded program requirements and premium partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

However, getting Google Partner or Premier Partner status is not an easy process.

Only about 10% of all agencies worldwide have Google Partner status and only 3% become Google Premier Partners.

Dexfinity defended its status as a premium partner in the Google Partners program in 2023 as well. This is the seventh year in a row that he has this exclusive title.

Strategic benefits with Google Premier Partner

Proper use of online tools and advertising channels is crucial for the success of any business these days. And this is where cooperation with an agency at the level of a premium Google partner comes into play, which offers undeniable advantages and represents an investment that can take your business to a new level.

1. Unique export tools

We are the only ones in Slovakia with access to Google export tools. Thanks to them, we can choose a suitable market for the e-shop based on real data and prepare a comprehensive export analysis for e-commerce expansions all over the world.

2. Expertise guarantor

You can be sure that the top 3% of agencies that achieve this prestigious title are truly professionals with deep experience and relevant practices.

This status is never granted randomly or politically. It goes only to those agencies that have proven their qualities and ability to achieve exceptional results.

In the case of cooperation with Google Premier Partners, you can enjoy advanced tools, direct support from Google experts, professional resources and technologies that a regular agency or freelancer does not have access to.

3. You are always on the cutting edge of innovation

With an expert team that has access to the best tools and technologies, you will be able to optimize your online campaigns to effectively use all innovations and effectively reach your target customer.

The result is higher conversions, increased return on advertising investment and strengthening your brand in the market.

4. Premium Support from Google

One of the main advantages of a premium partner is direct support from Google, including a strategic account team, which ensures the overall growth of the agency and its clients.

Strategic three-way meetings, a direct “Hands-On” approach and participation in exclusive educational trainings, all of this is part of cooperation enabling close cooperation and constant improvement of the client account.

Other benefits include consulting for international growth on selected client accounts, providing opportunities to expand in the global market.

Google “Hands-On” approach

As part of the “hands-on” approach, Google specialists actively address various specific problems and goals of clients. They help with growth, solving the competitive situation, planning new campaigns and using the client’s potential. They also take care of expanding to new markets, seasonal preparation and educating clients in the field of marketing.

“Congratulations to the premium partners for 2023. These companies are among the top 3% of certified Google partners in the respective countries, including Slovakia.

This is a real achievement and proof that they are leading Google Ads experts who can build relationships with new clients and help them grow. We are delighted to be able to support them in their efforts to help customers create smart online strategies and achieve long-term success.”

– Marcin Karnowski, Chief Director of Google Ads Marketing

We are proud holders of the seventh title in a row – Google Premier Partner.

Dexfinity and Google: 7 years of partnership and experience

When Google first expanded its ranks with Google Certified Trainers from Central Europe in 2014, our two experts were also among them. A year later, another five were added.

After receiving the title of ambassador, Google trainers then train and give lectures about services and products from Google (mainly Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager).

Why does every Google Coach count?

  • Each trainer gets the opportunity to participate in lectures and conferences, thanks to which he can make even a smaller agency visible.
  • He attends closed meetings for Google partners, where he gains valuable foreign experience.
  • He learns about new and upcoming features from Google before others.

In 2015, we ranked among the marketing top

Our journey as a premium partner began in 2015. At that time, ui42 digital (originally Dexfinity) managed to get the Google Elite Partner award (premium partner).

Only 150 agencies in the world receive this title every year, which are certified partners and at the same time bring top results to their clients.

If you need help with marketing or strategy, contact us and together we will overcome any boundaries.

CEE Google Agency Days
Pavol Adamcak gave a lecture at CEE Google Agency Days about the pillars on which a successful and growing performance agency stands.

Google premier partner and strategic e-commerce accelerator

Today, the Dexfinity team consists of more than 70 digital marketing and strategy specialists who help e-commerce businesses such as Powerlogy, IRISIMO, Nobio, Waragod, INSPIO and Dedoles.

Dexfinity is not just an ordinary agency. We are a group of experts in the field of cloud marketing with many years of experience, who are primarily focused on achieving results. When implementing projects, we use the individuality and specialization of each team member, while regularly monitoring the client’s satisfaction with the results achieved.

Your results, our responsibility

We focus on results and data, we want our clients to grow with us, We are not afraid to take responsibility for results. Therefore, many of our collaborations work on a commission basis. Clients only pay for results, not hours worked.

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