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How we added 5,556 clients to the new FiLiP (Financial Life Planner) client portal in 3 months and, as a result, increased conversions by 111%.


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The Swiss Life Group operates in the global financial sector and boasts a tradition of more than 165 years. Across Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, their clients use the FiLiP (Financial Life Planner) client portal  for money management.

However, simply informing clients and presenting them with the benefits of the portal was not quite enough.

111% increase in conversions

Thanks to automated e-mailing we managed to increase the number of conversions by 111% in just three months.

Lesson learned
Clients must go through two-factor authentication via email and phone, a process similar to banking

What steps did we take?

We divided the client database into segments:

  1. By number of contracts signed
  2. By contract type
  3. According to whether or not they have an intermediary assigned to them
  4. By gender
  5. By age
  6. By date of the last contract implementation
  7. According to previous opens and clicks in campaigns
customers in the database
expected number of registrations
in the first 3 months

We designed the graphics template and communication style

The goal was not to sell, but to be helpful. Despite the complexity of FiLiP, clients needed to understand its benefit and find it easy to use in practice.

We therefore selected a UX communication style. We spoke in terms of clients and solutions to their problems, not about us and the new tool.

We didn’t persuade anyone, we didn’t pressurise anyone. We didn’t glorify the new tool, nor were we overly friendly or positive. We communicated more like a doctor or lawyer – someone who knows exactly what they are talking about and wants to help the client with the issue they’re facing.

Clients did not find registration with two-factor authentication easy

That’s why we prepared a reminder campaign for Swiss Life Select Slovakia, which was sent out 24 hours after a button in any of the campaigns was clicked. If a client started but failed to complete the registration (either they ran out of time or got distracted), we reminded them and offered contact details for further help and support.

0 +
reminders sent
0 +
reminders opened
0 %
average open rate

We prepared a campaign plan

There were also some overlaps between segments, so we fixed the frequency of campaigns to a max of 2 per week, even if the client happened to fall into 4 different segments. We didn’t want to overwhelm our clients with a large number of emails.

We continuously evaluated the campaigns

From the analysis, we were able to see which segments reacted faster and which ones were slower. The following segments registered the fastest:

  1. Clients with more than 2 contracts
    – we impressed them with an overview of their contracts and secure storage of important documents
  2. Clients with an assigned intermediary
    – this group was attracted to FiLiP by the ease of access to data for their personal intermediary and secure communication with them
  3. Clients with savings
    – these clients particularly appreciated FiLiP’s up-to-date overview of their finances

Results after 3 months

We achieved success thanks to agile segmentation and consistent communication.

emails sent
unique visuals/creatives
campaigns opens
0 %
the average open rate
*the market benchmark is 15%
the original target for the number of conversions
final number of conversions
(111% of target)
0 %
conversion rate
*benchmark for similar projects is 2%
unsubscribes (only 0.84%)

Summary of our collaboration

Automated reminders reigned supreme with an open rate of 74% and a conversion rate of up to 22%.
Thanks to segmentation based on as many as 7 criteria, we were able to easily approach clients with the precise solutions and benefits that made FiLiP useful to them.

Combined with personalised segmented campaigns, this is the kind of modern emailing that gets results and makes sense.

The specialists behind this project

Filip Lehotský

Filip Lehotsky

Filip is a creative director at Dexfinity. He likes data, simplicity and real utility. He doesn't like lies, manipulation and bullshit.

Ján Aštary

Jan Astary

CEO, Financial Advisor

Matúš Vajdiar

Matus Vajdiar

Data Analyst

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