Martina Katrincová

Martina Katrincova

PPC Project Manager

Languages: English, Slovak

Contributed also to the following projects: NovýNábytok, Reebelo, Richsport

Strategy Gamechanger

Martina is our PPC Project Manager that has developed a wide range of practical skills even before joining Dexfinity. Currently, she manages advertising campaigns for various clients in the segment of sporting goods, electronics and furniture sales.

What does Martina enjoy the most about her role?

A challenge that comes with every new project and foreign market. The Board tackles the complex issues and looks for the most effective ways to achieve optimal results and growth.

Singapore or Australia

Martina’s main focus is on optimising Google Ads campaigns and designing strategies for clients all over the world. Some of the exciting countries where she is expanding with her clients include Singapore, Australia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.