Senior Business Developer

Read about the position. If you find out that you don’t meet the requirements, you may know someone who does. Refer them to us and you will both receive a referral bonus of €300.




€2500 – €5000 (contract)

Seniority level:


Language skill:

English Proficient C1+

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Job Description

We get new clients from three sources:

  • Referrals from our existing clients or team members: In this case, there is a strong assumption that the client is interesting, has good potential for growth and we want to work with them.
  • Our active search and creation of new partnerships: This strategy requires a great deal of creativity and a perfect knowledge of our business model, services, and how we work with clients. If you know of a cool project you want to get and then work on it, go for it!
  • The third source is inquiries for cooperation: They come directly from our website contact form or Facebook Lead Ads. Here the key is to properly verify the client’s potential for cooperation.

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Si zapálený pre marketing a chceš posúvať nielen seba, ale aj projekty našich partnerov za akékoľvek hranice? Pridaj sa k nášmu medzinárodnému tímu. Vyplň krátky formulár a čoskoro sa ti ozveme.

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General Skills

  • At Dexfinity we offer you freedom, but we require responsibility and a diligent approach
  • Be a team player, it is the only way to reach your goals
  • Your time management is like a cakewalk
  • You learn new things relatively quickly have quick and practical judgement

Dextastic people

Nie je to len o práci, ale hlavne o silnom tíme ľudí, ktorí spolu radi trávia čas. Takto sa žije v Dexfinity.

Benefits and Perks

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