Senior Business Developer

A dedicated warrior who prepares challenging strategies for specific clients and ensure a smooth launch of new collaborations.




€2500 – €5000 (contract)




English Proficient C1+

Read about the position. If you find out that you don’t meet the requirements, you may know someone who does. Refer them to us and you will both receive a referral bonus of €300.

Job Description

We get new clients from three sources:

  • Referrals from our existing clients or team members: In this case, there is a strong assumption that the client is interesting, has good potential for growth and we want to work with them.
  • Our active search and creation of new partnerships: This strategy requires a great deal of creativity and a perfect knowledge of our business model, services, and how we work with clients. If you know of a cool project you want to get and then work on it, go for it!
  • The third source is inquiries for cooperation: They come directly from our website contact form or Facebook Lead Ads. Here the key is to properly verify the client’s potential for cooperation.

From the inquiries, you find a non-standard client (startup, software, unique product, or global strategy and marketing). You do a quick research about this product and the company behind it and then decide if the client is a prospect for us and make the initial call or email accordingly. 

The most common questions to ask a client at this stage:

  • What activities have the client already done in marketing?
  • Who have they worked with?
  • What has worked best for them?
  • What have been the results?
  • What were the expectations?
  • What’s their next metric or goal?

Based on the information you gather, evaluate the lead and decide if we want to work with the client.

Make further contact (phone call, video call, meeting), where the key is to ask the client for access to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Merchant Centre or Google Search Console. You should have an “opener” ready (a first outline of what and how we can do for the client and with what results). Clients will often ask to sign an NDA at this step.

The next step is the development of comprehensive marketing and business strategy. You will approach the resort managers who will develop a quote for their channels or services offered. They will also specify the strategy and goals to achieve with the client. The output is the final strategy and objectives that we will present to the client. 

Don’t forget that for these clients, we need to think completely differently than just combining PPC, Social Media and SEO.

Set up a meeting to seal the deal, set the final goals and set deadlines for the start of the collaboration. You’ll introduce the client to your team of project managers for each service and their dedicated Account Manager. 

If you are interested and by mutual agreement, you will be able to retain some clients as their Account Manager.

For the first 3 months or so of the engagement, you continue to monitor the client’s journey at Dexfinity. You check in to see how they are doing, what they are currently struggling with and how they are evaluating the collaboration so far. You also communicate with the internal team and ask how others are getting on with the client and if there is anything they need help with.

Watch the client grow and reach further milestones beyond their initial expectations. #GoBeyond

Your Superpowers

Soft Skills

  • Empathy to understand the processes within the team
  • Communication skills
  • Results orientation – “Always be closing”
  • Thinking outside the box

Hard Skills

  • Great analytical mindset for strategy creation built on hard data
  • Ability to create global marketing strategies – there is no limit to creativity
  • Good understanding of Google Analytics (working principle, metrics and reading data)
  • Basic understanding of Google Ads (working principle, ad sub-categories, metrics and data reading)
  • Basic orientation in price comparison websites (working principle, subcategories of ads, metrics and data reading).
  • Basic orientation in SEO principles (keyword analysis, linkbuilding, On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, content).
  • Basic orientation in paid social media campaigns (working principle, metrics, data reading).
  • English language proficiency at a minimum C1 level (writing, speaking)

General Skills

  • At Dexfinity we offer you freedom, but we require responsibility and a diligent approach
  • Be a team player, it is the only way to reach your goals
  • Your time management is like a cakewalk
  • You learn new things relatively quickly have quick and practical judgement

Benefits and Perks

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