When Is a Digital Marketing Agency No Longer Enough For Ecommerce?

E-commerce has matured, but nearly every digital marketing agency has remained frozen in time. They failed to expand their portfolio with solutions to problems that often plague e-retailers.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn about how a marketing agency works and why it is no longer enough for e-commerce. We will also look at the importance of services related to finance, price comparison sites and marketplace giants.

Digitalna marketingova Agentura

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What is a digital marketing agency?

  • A digital or online marketing agency specialises in marketing services within the online environment.
  • It helps brands set up strategies to position themselves online, win customers and increase revenue.
  • It looks after all relevant areas of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, content creation, social media management and more.
We have taken pride in our Google Premium Partner status for 7 consecutive years
A workshop with the Facebook Partner Manager for CEE

A digital marketing agency vs. an advertising agency

Although the work of digital and advertising agencies often overlaps, there are also differences between them, especially in the areas they specialise in. Do you know which one is best placed to help solve your problems?

Advertising agencyDigital marketing agency
It facilitates paid advertising in both the online and offline world.It prioritises paid advertising and organic reach in the online environment.
It has a more pronounced reach across traditional advertising and the offline world. In addition to digital channels, it also covers radio, television, print and other traditional media.The focus is much more on online marketing services, including promotion on social media or other digital channels.
It sets the advertising budget, coordinates media purchases and plans advertising. It also arranges for the selection and printing of promotional items, sets up advertising surveys and creates advertising content.It creates and sets the strategy in the online environment. It will help direct customers to your website and turn their visits into conversions (sales).

What does a full-service digital agency do?

Depending on the needs of the company, you can decide whether you need a full-service digital agency (covering all areas of online marketing) or an agency with a specific focus (for example, PPC, SEO, social media or content marketing).

From agency to business accelerator

An hourly or flat rate payment is the accepted standard among agencies. But maybe you’d like something extra from an agency that has a significant impact on the future of your business.

It’s been a few years since we transformed our company from an agency to a business accelerator. For our clients, we are a partner they can rely on across the entire spectrum of e-commerce issues. We pride ourselves on our good interpersonal relationships, results and data.

  • We deal not only with online marketing, but also with the overall financial health of the online store, internal processes, strategy, breadth of the product portfolio, setting the shipping pricing, etc.
  • We connect marketing with business (we don’t just set up Google advertising, we also look at how advertising translates into revenue, how many returns there are and how to tweak processes so that advertising delivers continuously improving results).
  • We manage client growth strategically, sustainably and on the basis of data.
  • We believe that agency remuneration should be based on the results achieved. That’s why, for those clients who have well set-up internal processes and a financially sound online store, we offer a success fee model whereby they only pay for the results attained.
Digital marketing agency Bratislava
Foosball as a fantastic way to unwind.
Digital marketing agency Bratislava
The silent booth is love. We were all surprised by how comfortable it is.
We attend even the most challenging meetings with a smile, because we know that they will advance us that little bit further.

We are a leader in performance marketing

Dexfinity’s philosophy, which focuses on online marketing, business growth and expansion, goes hand-in-hand with performance marketing.

We understand that brand name or product awareness is important, but our strategy is primarily focused on results.

Revenue is generated from conversions

The power of branding can hold a company up in bad times, but revenue is generated from conversions. When it comes to payouts, the only things that count are orders placed, forms filled out, or enquiries sent. They are what feeds the whole company.

For our clients to make a profit, they need to have customers who are willing to pay. That is why we focus our strategy on performance.

At the same time, performance marketing is built on the continuous evaluation of the overall impact of individual services. This means that we don’t just sell services, we also evaluate whether they really make sense for the client.

Not every e-commerce store needs to automate through MagicScript or ROI Hunter.

Where can you find us?

Dexfinity Hub Bratislava

At the beginning of its operation, the digital marketing agency was based only in Bratislava, where our main headquarters are still located.

Since then, we have added offices in three further cities. We also got rid of the agency label. We are a digital marketing company, in other words, a unit made up of smaller sections that work together.

Dexfinity Hub Bratislava

Gagarinova 7/A 821 03

+421 904 979 851

+421 910 126 751

Pause for a selfie, colourised
Co-founder of the company Pavol Adamčák, historically beardless

Dexfinity Hub Trenčín

In 2018, a modern co-working space was born in Trenčín, as part of the concept of thinking globally, working locally.

Junior and senior marketers from the Trenčín area were given the opportunity to work on large projects close to home.

Dex Hub Trenčín

Ivan Olbracht 27
911 01 Trenčín

+421 905 936 764

At work
After work

Dexfinity Hub Banská Bystrica

Dex Hub Banská Bystrica

Lazovná 5
974 01 Banská Bystrica

+421 903 029 332

Dexfinity Hub Prague

Dex Hub Prague

Jindřišská 939/20
Nové Město
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

+421 904 979 851

Do you need help?

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