28 New AI Tools To Stir Up Your Ecommerce

Digital marketing and content are experiencing a revolution in artificial intelligence (AI). The launch of ChatGPT has caused a shake-up in the entire AI tools segment. Established players returned to the game, and new augmentation plugins were born.

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E-commerce is evolving daily, and it’s hard to keep up with the developments. That’s why we’ve selected a range of 28 AI tools to show you.

ChatGPT-augmenting AI tools

As AI evolves, new tools are constantly being developed to help improve ChatGPT’s capabilities. These tools allow users to utilise the tool better to solve specific problems and thereby accelerate the productivity of the module itself.

  • ChatGPT-4 Jailbreak: Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT-4 (link)
  • Merlin: Get the power of OpenAI ChatGPT Plus on all your favourite sites for free (link)
  • Berri: Build production-ready ChatGPT apps in minutes (link)
  • Promptitude: The easiest way to integrate GPT into your applications (link)
  • Cody: Train ChatGPT for your business, team and processes (link)
  • MobileGPT: ChatGPT for WhatsApp (link)
  • Monica: ChatGPT-4 AI assistant for all websites (link)
  • DALL-E 2: Generate various visualisations in any style, including Pixel art or paintings (link)
Pixel ART is a great way to get started with AI-generated content.
Your new ad – a hamster alongside your product?

In a couple of years, AI will design your entire apartment.
Cyberpunk will make your visuals modern and exciting.

AI tools for your online store

In today’s age of fast-paced e-commerce and time-to-market intervals, your ability to keep up is critical. AI tools can help you improve conversions, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience.

They can also analyse data and make accurate and relevant recommendations directly to customers based on their purchase and browsing history.

AI can give you a competitive advantage that is extremely hard to find in today’s saturated e-commerce marketplace.

Nowadays, achieving a similar widespread product suggestion on Google is no longer possible. ChatGPT is the firm leader in comprehensive product search.
  • ProductBot: An AI product expert that assists users in their purchasing decisions (link)
  • Descript: Create subtitles automatically with this AI tool (link)
  • Namelix: A tool that generates your company name for you (link)
  • AI Course Creator: Build complete, unique courses (link)
  • ChatBotKit: The fastest way to create your own complex chatbot (link)
  • Build AI: Create AI apps in minutes (link)

AI tools for project management

AI project management tools are revolutionising complex project management and custom time management, from project planning and agenda automation to schedule management and collaboration.

  • Otter.ai: Record and transcribe meeting content automatically (link)
  • Lindy: An AI assistant that helps you with a variety of personal tasks (link)
  • Superhuman: Automate the organisation of important emails according to behavioural patterns (link)
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Creating videos and graphics with AI tools

Visuals such as videos and graphics are a key (and exhausting) part of any marketing strategy.

The advantage of AI tools in creating visuals is not only speed and efficiency but also the ability to personalise content based on customer preferences.

These tools can also automatically analyse customer data and generate visual content tailored to their preferences. Through this, you can quickly scale your marketing campaigns and target your exact audience.

  • 2short: Scroll YouTube content with AI-generated short videos (link)
  • D-ID: Realtime facial animation to create the most human-like experience (link)
  • Clip Fm: Turn your videos into viral shorts in just one click (link)
  • Maimovie: Discover the films that suit your taste (link)
  • Adobe Firefly: Create infinite numbers of engaging visuals (link)
This tutorial will show you how you can try out Adobe Firefly today.

Content analysis using AI tools

Content analytics is an integral part of a marketing strategy, helping e-tailers and marketers gain valuable insights about their target audience and tailor campaigns to their preferences.

New AI tools can automate and simplify this process.

They can crawl thousands of web and social media pages and analyse their content based on specified criteria (phrases, sentiment, or topical keywords or groups).

  • Vizologi: Get answers to all questions about your business (link)
  • Dream Interpreter: Ask about the meaning of your dream (link)
  • Venturus: A tool for instant feedback and analysis of business ideas (link)
  • ChatDOC: Chat with documents. Get instant answers (link)
  • ContractReader: Read and understand smart contracts thanks to AI (link)
  • WTF Does This Company Do?: Explains the site by entering the domain (link)

New Google chatbot

Like ChatGPT, Bard is an experimental conversational AI created by Google. The most significant difference is that Bard will draw information directly from the web.

  • Google Bard: Google’s new chatbot, developed to beat ChatGPT (link)

Unlock the full potential of AI

AI tools can do much more than help you generate inspiration. In their current form, they can speed up content creation and automate SEO activities and product feeds.

However, some tools are not nearly as popular as ChatGPT or DALL-E 2. For example, in PPC advertising, we use MagicScript, which allows us to automate bidding on margin.

If you need help with performance advertising, exporting or even finance, get in touch. We help small and large businesses grow beyond all borders.

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