Jana Oriešek

Jana Oriesek

E-commerce Manager Origos

Languages: Slovak, English, German, Italian

Contributed also to the following projects: Origos, IBO, Kleinsport, Heureka, FAVI, HezkyNabytek, Mirjan, Powerlogy DE, Amazon

Versatile Polyglot

“I especially like Dexfinity because people can do what they enjoy. There’s a human approach and great colleagues to spend time with outside of work,” says Jana Oriesek.

From natural science straight to e-commerce

Janka graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University. After school she moved to Italy where she co-founded her first e-shop. This later became a brick-and-mortar shop.

Arrival to Dexfinity

After about 12 years she returned to Slovakia to the metropolis of the future, Dolna Suca, and started working at Dexfinity, as she has experience in creating and running everything around e-shop for over 7 years.

She enjoys learning new things and conquering new challenges. She enjoys cycling, skiing, and swimming. Actually, probably all sports where it’s fun. She often goes out on trips with her family and friends. In the summer, she’s off to festivals and barbecues (good food and wine are not to be missed in her life).

Janka is in charge of a truly diverse range of activities at Dexfinity. She is in charge of Amazon. Some of the projects she covers as Account Manager. On the internal marketing, she handles creative reels for social networks.