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TonerPartner is one of the most successful printer and copier supplies companies. It has been operating in the Slovak and Czech market since 2014. Dexfinity helped TonerPartner expand to the markets in Hungary and Poland. The launch happened in 2019.

93% Increase of turnover

Thanks to the simplification of the ad groups and the Smart Bidding strategy, the year-on-year increase in turnover was up to 93%.

Today, up to 70% of all consumers make at least one purchase per year from a foreign eshop. This is a huge opportunity, but some companies are still failing to meet all the demands of the new market. 

To be successful, companies must deal with the new challenges that expansion brings – the variety (diversification) of languages, logistics, communication, payment methods and also understanding the legislation of each market. 

Starting Point

Expansion into Poland and Hungary

TonerPartner has decided to expand its business from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Poland and Hungary. They were concerned that this decision would fundamentally complicate their marketing to the extent that their profits would suffer. 

So, they approached us with a request to work together to create a plan that included expansion and performance targets.

Our solution

The client had operated in two countries before working with Dexfinity. The countries have their languages and payment currencies. The ecommerce offered thousands of products and was struggling with over 60 campaigns. 

Keywords and ads were increasing exponentially until they were time-consuming and inefficient to manage.This trend would only escalate if the company decided to enter other markets. Therefore, even before the actual expansion, finding a more efficient campaign structure became a top priority.

"With our new structure and automation, our advertising campaigns have become significantly more efficient. The system was easy to apply and also expand to new markets."
Michal Vavro
Performance Manager, TonerPartner

The first step was simplifying the ad groups. Together with the client, we took a closer look at the numbers, and especially at the conversion value of each keyword – whether it aligned with the stated business goals.

This analysis helped us identify only those impressions and clicks that were of the most value to the business. As a result, we significantly reduced the number of campaigns from 60 to 8. 

With the new streamlined structure, the client was able to start looking at automated solutions to optimise the budget and save time associated with management and bidding.

Scaling with automation

The next step in scaling was a Smart Bidding strategy. Automation is always only as good as the data provided. The new streamlined campaigns offered a large amount of conversion data and more information that Smart Bidding could work more efficiently.

ROAS model as a targeted strategy

Finally, we decided on the target strategy. Together we chose it to be the “Return on Advertising Spend” (ROAS). The strategy allowed us to optimise campaigns based on the desired profit for every euro that was invested in advertising.

We launched a Smart Shopping campaign, which is a combination of a product feed and a self-education system. Its role is to display different variations of ads across ad networks.

Project in numbers


+93 %

Increase in Turnover

Thanks to the simplification of the ad groups and the Smart Bidding strategy, the year-on-year increase in turnover was up to 93%.

+57 %

More Transactions

We managed to achieve a 57% year-on-year increase in transactions.

+71 %

Higher ROAS

The client also recorded a higher return on advertising spend (ROAS). Compared to the previous year, this was an increase of up to 71%.

Google Ads & Google Shopping 0%

Responsible Project Supervisor

Michal Lubelec

Michal Lubelec

Michal works at Dexfinity as the Leader of the Bratislava PPC Team. He is one of the company’s pillars. Thanks to integrating technologies he efficiently fulfils our clients’ business plans.

He is the responsible Project Manager for successful eshops like,,,, NovýNá, GymBeam, eyerim, TonerPartner and many others.

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