Alina Tutulan

Alina Bortosel Tutulan

Export Team Leader

Alina is the head of the export team for the CEE region. She manages our clients’ exports to Central and Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy and Greece).

She was born in Romania but currently lives in Vienna and works in Bratislava.

Marketing Has a Life of Its Own

Alina believes that life is like riding a bike. To keep the balance we have to keep moving. Digital marketing is a living creature that is constantly evolving.

This idea guides her work and she is continually gathering new knowledge. Alina’s mission is to help clients grow their businesses and successfully expand abroad.

What Does Alina Enjoy the Most about Her Role?

She loves the diversity she finds in the team. Our team is made up of different nationalities and personalities. She especially appreciates the fresh company atmosphere and the “hunger” for new knowledge.

Google Market Explorer

Dexfinity is the only Google export partner in Slovakia. Thanks to this, Alina has an exclusive tool for analysing foreign markets: Google Market Explorer. Neither she nor her clients can get enough of it. It can provide them with official, detailed and clear data that reflects the current situation in the foreign market.


You could meet Alina personally as a speaker at the PPCEE conference (Smart Export to Romania) or DHL (Marketing Strategy, Specifics of New Markets / Performance Marketing of New Markets).



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