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Cord Blood Center is Europe’s second largest cord blood bank and has been operating for 18 years. In that time, they have opened branches in seven countries in Europe, but they also provide their services elsewhere. They provide cord blood collection, testing, storage and dispensing.

-40% Cost of New Contact

40% year-on-year reduction in the price of contact in Hungary

Unlike regular ecommerce projects, we don’t focus on the turnover with this one, but on acquiring new contacts (leads).

We work with the client from September 2020 in the form of a “success fee”. This means that we are rewarded for every contact we get at a better price than the agreed maximum price per contact.

A New Approach to Lead Campaigns

In the past, the connection acquisition was done through a competition directly on the client’s website. The contacts acquired this way became new potential customers. 

Our task was to obtain a set number of unique contacts for the client while maintaining a maximum price per contact. At the beginning of our cooperation in September, we started with one country – Hungary, and within five months we also took over Romania and Slovakia.

Reaching new connections with a social media competition

A competition visual for effective acquisition of new contacts.

Facebook as the Campaign Pillar

The client gets the connections directly on the page, so it was not the classic Lead Generation campaign we know from Facebook. Nevertheless, Facebook became a pillar channel in bringing new contacts, which we could track through a custom Pixel event.

We chose Hungary as the first country for the campaign. We started later in September, but still managed to get 85% of the required contacts in the first month, which had 40% better results.

Fast Customer Support

At the beginning of October, our advertising account was blocked, but we managed to unblock it within five days thanks to our Account Manager, who works directly in Facebook. 

Good results and client satisfaction were our driving force to take over other countries.

"Dexfinity took over the work and setup of another good PPC agency, while significantly improving ROAS in SK, RO and HU with the same limitations."
Lukáš Melichar - CBC
Lukáš Melichar
Senior Marketing Specialist, Cord Blood Center

Campaign Optimisation 

In each country, we took over the accounts that were up and running and were waiting to be optimised. 

First, we reduced the number of campaigns, which simplified their structure. Below each campaign were several publications and other ads that were unnecessarily spending credit. By turning them off, we were able to efficiently reallocate it to where the best results were, while creating new ads at the same time. 

We also focused on bidding strategy changes that were throttling the potential of campaigns. Varying these strategies yielded the best results.

New Formats for Better Results

In the creatives, we didn’t just target moms-to-be, we also targeted dads with a simple change in text and images of men with pregnant partners. 

Another untapped channel was the Stories format. With it, we were able to improve results at a minimal cost, exceeding the client’s initial expectations.

For comparison, we averaged the monthly number of new leads over the past year (before our takeover) and compared it to the average results after the campaign.

A simple marketing creative for better results

There’s no need to complicate things unnecessarily. Simple creatives with a clear message get the best results.

A Well-Deserved Result

The company averaged the monthly number of new connections over the past year (before our takeover) and compared them to the average post-campaign results.

Project in numbers



Cost of Connection

40% year-on-year reduction in the price of contact in Hungary 

+31 %

Number of Contacts

31% increase in the number of contacts and 44% decrease in their price year-on-year in Romania

+45 %

Average Price per Connection

Improvement of average price per contact by 45% in Slovakia

Contacts received in first two weeks 0%

Responsible Project Supervisor

Alina Tutulan

Alina Tutulan

Alina is the head of the export team for the CEE region. She manages the export of our partners to Central and Eastern Europe (Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy and Greece).

Alina believes that life is like riding a bike. We have to keep moving to keep our balance. Digital marketing is a living creature that is constantly evolving.

She follows this idea at work and constantly absorbs new knowledge. Alina’s mission is to help partners develop their businesses and successfully expand abroad.

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