Facebook Lead Ads Are the Marketing Coffee for Your Sales

Potential customers come to social media for fun, not to fill out Lead Ads forms. Yet, they send them daily, even are happy to do so. Why is this and how to leverage it for higher sales?

facebook lead generation ads

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Facebook Lead Generation Ads have been around since 2015 and help sites get leads or connections to new customers.

This format is especially ideal when selling certain products or services (often with a higher price tag). 

It’s not about Hearts and Likes

Lead Ads are created in Facebook Business Manager and are used to collect data. The goal is not likes, but leads to potential customers. 

These generation ads collect information based on a form that contains a number of questions. However, the maximum is 18 simple and 3 open-ended questions. An advertisement with a link to the Lead form appears in the feed and stories on both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Lead form example

Wrap your Lead Ads form in an eye-catching creative that is directly related to your product or service.

What Is One of the Major Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads?

If you’ve been getting leads based on questionnaires at the end of articles, change that. You have a better chance on social media. Here is not only one, but 3 benefits to convince you to launch your Facebook Lead generation campaign:

  • Facebook fills out many of the questions for the visitor (e.g., name, email) 
  • After clicking on the ad, the customer doesn’t go to another website, everything is done in the social media interface
  • Connect Facebook to your CRM system and you have the leads right at your fingertips

Facebook Advertising that Works

Filling out forms is not one of the typical pastimes of social media users. How to increase the chances that customers will click on your ad and fill out the form? You need high-quality graphics, a compelling creative and a powerful counter-value.

Social proof

People like to do what others do. They’d rather buy a product with more reviews or a service their friends use. This behaviour is called social proof and works great when creating Lead Ads. 

How to get social proof in Lead Ads? Use photos and reviews. People are more likely to sign up for a cooking class when you show them other satisfied customers in the ad. A video, ideally directly from the course, will evoke an even stronger emotion.

An enticing reward for new subscribers

Facebook Lead generation ads may quickly increase the number of newsletter subscribers. Offer a reward for filling out the Facebook Lead form and providing an email. 

Gifts are the best incentive. Depending on the business, this could be free ebooks, special discounts, free shipping codes, simply anything that benefits the customer. Communicate the benefits clearly in the text.

To assure you get a return on your advertising investment, make sure your emails don’t end up in spam. 

TIP: Lead Ads campaigns to attract newsletter subscribers tend to be quite successful. Compared to the traditional sign-up via a website form on the web, the Facebook solution is easier. The customer doesn’t have to fill in a name or email. Facebook fills it out for them.


Amazon advertising examples

Videos on Amazon can be sponsored even in larger formats. This way you have a better chance of engaging customers.

Limited time offer

Customers often put off filling out and signing up for forms. If they’re intrigued, they may not act right away. Increase the chances by being more immediate.

For example, a fitness centre owner can create a Facebook Lead form that customers use to sign up for a free demo class with a professional trainer. To increase the chances of people filling out the form, they will offer an exception – two free classes, but only to those who sign up by a certain date.

Catchy graphics are the key

Advertising needs to excite the customer, engage them and keep their attention. The best tool is appealing images. Sharp and high quality are the must-have attributes, graphics should be in line with the overall brand identity. 

At the same time, complement the Lead Ads text in an eye-catching way and follow the Lead Ads design specifications.

Facebook Lead Generation Ad example

At Dexfinity, we promote blog articles through Lead Ads campaigns. What are the marketing trends this year?

Show more visuals

Be different from the competition and try rotating Lead Ads. Unlike traditional images or videos, you can post up to 10 cards with various graphics.

To clearly communicate your service or course content, use a lot of different visuals. The format is also suitable for explaining product benefits.  

Boost Your Sales with Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads attract valuable connections even with a low budget. Our experience only confirms that in targeting, the first sentence and the creative itself has the biggest impact on success. However, current trends and a comprehensive strategy with defined goals are also important.

If you are interested in Lead Ads with real results, we will be more than happy to help you. The first consultation is on us and without any obligation.

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Author: Adriána Černáčková

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Translator: Mária Streďanská

Publisher: Róbert Hošták

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