Google Discovery Ads: Serve Them Up When There’s Appetite

Advertise to customers where it can make a difference. The chances of you succeeding will be high. Google knows it too, and that’s why they created Google Discovery campaigns. A very subtly intrusive, but visually attractive advertising format that brings great results even with a small budget.

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What is Google Discovery Ads?

Google Discovery Ads is a type of online advertising that was created specifically for users of mobile devices. Similar to native ads, it adapts to where it is being displayed.

With the Google Discovery Ads format, the ad appears on three different platforms:

  • YouTube (on the home page or within the See more videos section),
  • Gmail (as an email in the Networks and Ads section), and
  • Google Discovery newsfeed (a special feed that is located on mobile devices within the Google application and which displays content to users according to previous activity, whereby advertising is displayed alongside the articles).
Google Discovery Ads screenshots
This is how Google Discovery campaigns appear to customers.

How does Discovery advertising work?

In order to create a Google Discovery ad, you need good quality images and texts (headings and descriptions). Google then combines them using artificial intelligence (AI) and looks for the most engaging combination, which it then displays across the three above-mentioned platforms.

If you don’t know how to get started, Google recommends picking the most engaging creative from your social network content and using it in a Google Discovery ad.

Previous visitor activity is the determining factor

Google displays users Discovery advertising based on their past activity and interests. It looks for patterns of behavior in the users’ activity and, based on this, serves them up advertising that they might find “tasty”.

Google’s AI generates attractive and powerful ads on your behalf.

In an ideal world, AI would show a potential customer an ad even before they enter a search query. It will sense the customer’s intention based on previous activity.

Google Discovery Ads displays your product or service in different views.

What makes Google Discovery campaigns unique?

Displays only across three platforms

Classic Google ads are displayed across various websites and applications that accept advertising from Google. The Google Discovery format only appears on three platforms (Google Discover, Gmail and YouTube).

Everything is automated

Once the texts and images have been inserted, artificial intelligence takes over the entire campaign. You don’t look at cost-per-click or a thousand impressions here. The algorithm focuses mainly on conversions.

You will not be able to influence how the final ad looks and how many times it is shown to a particular person.

Interests also play a role in targeting

When it comes to targeting, these two types of advertising use the same methods. They re-target web visitors, utilise custom audiences and demographics, and respond to life events.

The Google Discovery campaign takes targeting even further. It draws on Google’s extensive data on visitor’s activities and displays advertising based on their interests and the content they responded to.

A combination of a trendy, eye-catching creative and appropriate format works best. We achieved it with a campaign that linked to an article about ChatGPT (up to 300 visits a day!)

Why use Google Discovery Ads?

You will increase brand awareness

This type of campaign is ideal not only for promoting products and services, but it can also launch a start-up brand. Google Discovery works great for building awareness.

You don’t show the ad to anyone and everyone, but only to the audience that the algorithm evaluates as the most suitable. It’s usually not wrong.

Results even with a smaller budget

The Google Discovery campaign format also helps smaller businesses. Since the ads are controlled by artificial intelligence, they don’t need any attention besides the initial data input and budget.

A great creative will bring you lots of leads, even with a budget of less than 100 euros.

Up to 31,581 impressions and 2,290 clicks for less than 27 euros. That’s what the combination of engaging creative with the Google Discovery Ads format yielded for one of our articles.

On the same page as the user

It is difficult for specialised products and new and lesser known brands to make their mark when the customer already knows what they want. The first positions in the search will always be occupied by stronger players and those who are willing to pay more.

Discovery advertising is displayed when a certain pattern of behavior is detected (furnishing a flat, preparing for a wedding, thinking about buying a new refrigerator, etc.), not after entering a query in the search engine.

This means that this format captures the customer in the discovery phase – when the customer is more willing to click on an unknown product or service.

How do we use Google Discovery Ads at Dexfinity?

At Dexfinity, we use Discovery Ads as an affordable and flexible form of awareness campaigns primarily for new services or conversion content.

The ease of their launch, targeting method and low average CPC makes them an ideal candidate for our dynamic marketing cycle, which requires speed and flexibility.

Low cost-per-click and engaging content reduce the average conversion cost.

Campaigns that will change your business

Do you want advertising campaigns to bring your online store even better results for the same or lower prices? We help our partners optimise campaigns and increase sales.

Don’t settle for an average performance. Get in touch and together we’ll work out how to increase the return on your marketing investment.

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